Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of June 12

Jun 11, 2023

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of June 12 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events on our Training Calendar.

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June 14 (8-2 pm)
2023 Government UX Summit ( will bring together user experience (UX) practitioners to share case studies and best practices from across the federal government with the theme of driving innovation through inclusion. Hear from our speakers about their experiences and lessons learned as they apply UX principles and methodologies in line with the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) to deliver results for all Americans.


Monday, Jun 12 (10-11 am)
Producing Accessible Digital Content for your Nonprofit (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
To be truly inclusive, website designers and content creators must consistently produce websites and social media posts that are both accessible and usable. This presentation will provide guidelines for ensuring that information can be used by everyone, regardless of ability. The presenters, both of whom live with vision loss, will demonstrate what end users experience when interacting with accessible and inaccessible content.

Tuesday, Jun 13 (10-11 am)
ACRL’s Strategic Vision for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (Association of College and Research Libraries)
Members of the ACRL Board of Directors and ACRL EDI Committee will speak on the ACRL Plan for Excellence’s newest goal area, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, which was approved by the Board in November 2022. Learn about the committee’s current and future programming to carry out their objectives. Board members will share how ACRL will center and emphasize the Board’s vision and implementation for the new EDI goal and objectives, as well as implications for the Association more broadly.

Tuesday, Jun 13 (11-12 pm)
The Democracy Project: Fostering Teen Civic Engagement (Montana State Library)
The Democracy Project is a teen-led initiative supported by local libraries, community partners, and Humanities Montana. This program gives teens the resources to effect change and know their role in an evolving democracy through direct civic participation. Students work for six months on projects they feel are vital to their community, ending with a public showcase. Join Jenny Bevill and John Knight from Humanities Montana to learn about the 2022-23 projects and opportunities to join this project in 2023-2024

Tuesday, Jun 13 (11-12 pm)
Beyond the Binary: Understanding LGBTQIA+ Health (Network of the National Library of Medicine)
The class aims to provide culturally appropriate health information and resources for LGBTQIA+ populations and the librarians and health care practitioners who support them. We have done our best to use culturally sensitive language and examples recognizing that language on this topic, like gender and sexuality, can be fluid.  Providing access to health information for and about these populations is extremely important.

Tuesday, Jun 13 (12-1 pm)
Drive Thru Data: Using NLM APIs to Access Information Fast (Federal Depository Library Program)
The NLM provides millions of people access to health information via its portfolio of products and services. But some people may need to access NLM’s resources in special ways, to help support new and innovative projects. Application programming interfaces (APIs) can help you access NLM’s data more quickly and efficiently, especially when integrated into a program or script. This webinar is aimed at librarians,  and other information professionals who are familiar with NLM’s products and services but want to explore NLM data in new ways.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (8-9 am)
Digital Resources (Indiana State Library)
Join Emma as she presents a series of webinars on the topic of digital inclusion. Building on ideas presented in the Digital Inclusion 101 webinar, this webinar will further detail the resources available to bridge the digital equity gap.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (9-10 am)
Transforming Library Staff Learning Through Technology Skills Assessments (Nebraska Library Commission)
Technology skills assessments are tools used by supervisors and managers to gauge competency in key subject matter areas. These assessments can be powerful tools for identifying common skills gaps, allowing libraries to make objective decisions on how best to close those gaps. In this session, we will provide attendees with a sample technology skills assessment that you can modify to fit your needs. We will also provide a list of resources for free technology training. In addition, you’ll learn how to conduct the post-training technology skills assessment, and how to determine if more training is needed.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (11-12 pm)
Developmentally Appropriate Collection Development (Idaho Commission for Libraries)
There is a growing movement to deem an increasing number of library materials as “harmful to minors” or “obscene.” Recently, some are pointing at any representation of nudity in a book and declaring it to be “harmful,” for example in picture books about bathing or potty training. The graphic novel “Maus” was banned for brief nudity in 2022, and sex education books like “It’s Perfectly Normal” are often challenged due to cartoon depictions of sex and body parts. For this webinar we’ve asked a licensed psychologist to come speak to us about developmental and psychological considerations for deciding what kinds of nudity or sexual information are appropriate for children to see in books, and what it means to say something is “developmentally appropriate” in the context of library material. Please join us and licensed psychologist Carolyn Golden, PsyD to learn more about this topic.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (12-1 pm)
Peer-to-Peer Communication Calendar for Recruitment, Coaching, and Year-Round Engagement (Blackbaud)
You launched your DIY fundraising website, or your upcoming Run/Walk/Ride website. What’s next? Join us as we discuss the ideal recruitment strategy to recruit participants to any type of peer-to-peer fundraising. Once recruited, we will discuss how to maximize engagement leading up to the event that will result in more dollars raised and bigger team sizes. Lastly, we will cover your engagement throughout the year to ensure that participants keep coming back.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (12-1 pm)
Introduction to project budgets (Candid Learning)
Are you ready to start fundraising for your project or idea, but don’t know what and how much to ask for? If preparing a budget for your foundation grant is holding you back, come learn the basic elements of how to draft a project budget with confidence.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (12-1 pm)
The Fight Against Book Bans: How do we Move Forward? (Niche Academy)
Book challenges and bans have been on the rise across the nation since 2020, especially in public and school libraries. In this presentation, Shannon Oltmann will refresh our understanding of intellectual freedom, explore the rise in book challenges, consider how to respond to challenges, and draw on the experiences and perspectives of other library professionals.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (12-1:30 pm)
The Best Nature & Climate Books for the Children and Families in Your Program: Featuring The Annual Blueberry Awards! (Early Childhood Investigations)
Are you looking for great books to spark young children’s interest in nature, inspire impactful green actions for children to take, or looking for books that inspire you with nature experiences for your program? This is the webinar for you! In this webinar, you will join three experienced librarians with passion for the planet and for books to hear about the award winners of the Blueberry Awards. The Evanston Public Library Blueberry Committee puts in 15 months of work to read all the nature and planet books for kids 3 and up for a given year and then picks out the very best so you don’t have to!

Wednesday, Jun 14 (1-2 pm)
Convert Supporters with Powerful Landing Pages (Firespring)
With great landing pages, your donors, volunteers and supporters are 10 times more likely to donate, sign up, register or engage with your nonprofit. In this session, we’ll share real-world landing page examples that increase conversions and what we’ve learned from studying hundreds of nonprofits and their landing page designs.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (1-2 pm)
Genres & Generations: How Genre-Bending Novels Offer Teens New Ways to Explore Identity (Mackin)
Join YA authors Maurene Goo (Throwback) and Vanessa Montalban (A Tall Dark Trouble), and editor Tiffany Liao, as they discuss how genre-bending novels, like time traveling and rom-com tropes, allow teens to explore identity, history, and family in new ways, specifically touching on the first vs. second generation immigrant stories in their new books. Participants will be invited to join the conversation and ask the authors questions about how genre storytelling can engage young readers.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (1-2 pm)
ChatGPT Driven Instructional Design: Dreams, Results, and Horrors (Training Magazine Network)
There is no denying that ChatGPT is a sensational tool that continues to flourish and evolve. There are different opinions floating around regarding its benefits to the learning industry hence, it is necessary to have a basic understanding  of what it is and how it can help us empower our learners in their quest for more knowledge and quick access to information for immediate application and solutions.  In fact it is being currently tried as a “teaching assistant” in certain fields of learning. Come and join us for an exciting time to learn more about ChatGPT and how it can help you enhance your  Instructional Design and Delivery.

Wednesday, Jun 14 (5-6 pm)
AASL Town Hall | Share & Connect: State-Level Advocacy (American Association of School Librarians)
Join AASL President Kathy Lester and Chapters Chair Barbara Johnson and state-level advocates Tricina Beebe (NJ) and Eryn Duffee (WA) to discuss the importance of advocating at the state level for equitable access to effective school libraries staffed by certified school librarians and for our core value of intellectual freedom. Panelists will share and lead conversations on ideas to prepare, organize, strategize, and develop state-wide advocacy work.

Thursday, Jun 15 (9-10 am)
Redefining the Library Experience: Insights and Inspiration (WebJunction)
From January to March 2023, staff from more than 1,600 libraries from around the world shared their experiences via survey around library spaces, programming, collections, and staff development—and how they envision change in the future. Join Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Executive Director, OCLC Research, and library leaders from OCLC’s Global Council as they share and discuss results from the 2023 global survey on “Redefining the library experience.” Gain additional insights on how improving the library experience can create more meaningful engagement and bring impactful change to our communities.

Thursday, Jun 15 (11-12 pm)
DPLA Network Coffee Chat: Collaboration, Community, and Digital Equity (Digital Public Library of America)
In this DPLA Network Coffee Chat, we’ll hear from representatives from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries about their archival collection, The Milwaukee Women’s Art Library, and their collaboration on a new community ambassador position to help bridge the gap between institutional support and grassroots community-led collection-building. DPLA Network Coffee Chats are opportunities to engage in casual conversation on topics of interest to our network; they are held meeting style instead of webinar style to encourage participation and sharing.

Thursday, Jun 15 (12-1 pm)
Adventures in Outdoor Play (edWeb)
Join internationally renowned designer and author Rusty Keeler on a journey of ideas celebrating the benefits and beauty of outdoor play. With humor, insight, and images, Rusty will inspire you to add nature to your outdoor spaces and invite you to take bold steps to support risky play.

Thursday, Jun 15 (12-1 pm)
Introducing a New and USAGov en Español (Federal Depository Library Program)
Staff will share what’s new in the structure, content, features, and promotional efforts of

Thursday, Jun 15 (12-1:30 pm)
Random House Children’s Books Fall 2023 Preview (Booklist)
This free, 90-minute Booklist webinar will kick-off with special guest speaker Carl Hiaasen discussing his new middle-grade novel WRECKER with Senior Executive Editor Nancy Siscoe. Following, the RHCB  School & Library team will present new and exciting titles coming in Fall 2023. From picture books to Middle Grade and YA, this is a can’t-miss event—register now!

Thursday, Jun 15 (12-1:30 pm)
Pursuing Bad Guys: Responding to Imaginative Violent Play Using a Transformative Approach (Early Childhood Investigations)
In this fascinating webinar, Donna King, a preschool teacher, and author of Pursuing Bad Guys: Joining Children’s Quest for Clarity Courage and Community, and Pam, a pedagogical consultant, will tell the story of their work together on a long-term investigation of “Bad Guys.”  We have all observed  children playing “bad guys” in their pretend play, and grappled with whether to intervene or not, and if so, how to handle those moments. If you typically encourage creative and spontaneous imaginative play you are likely to be unsure how to constructively respond to violent imaginative play. This webinar explores a specific approach and the stories of how the approach works.

Thursday, Jun 15 (3-4 pm)
Shannon’s Summer Series on Leadership – Part I: Be a Library Leader through Literacy (Follett)
In the first of Shannon’s Summer Series on Leadership, join Shannon McClintock Miller as she invites Bill Bass and Kira Brennan of Parkway School District (St. Louis, Missouri) to the conversation, Be a Library Leader Through Literacy. Shannon, Bill, and Kira will discuss the role librarians have as leaders through all things involving literacy. Librarians lead through literacy not only from their library, but also through classrooms, the community, and even online. There are so many new things to think about when it comes to literacy and these three will discuss these important topics, including what they are doing within their own districts and libraries.

Thursday, Jun 15 (5:30-6:15 pm)
Third Thursdays Trustees Topics-Relationships with Friends and Foundations (Washington State Library)
Third Thursdays Trustee Topics is designed as a 30-minute live session with Sara Jones, the Washington State Librarian, and Library Boards/Trustees, Directors, and subject matter expert guests.  This will be followed by up to 15 minutes of questions and answers. The June 15 Conversation will be with Deborah Doyle, President Elect of United for Libraries and and Library Commissioner in Sonoma County CA.

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