Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of June 19

Jun 18, 2023

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of June 19 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events on our Training Calendar.

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Tuesday, Jun 20 (12-1 pm)
Is Seeing Really Believing?: Visual Health Misinformation (Network of the National Library of Medicine)
Discussions of health literacy and health misinformation frequently focus on the analysis and fact-checking of written materials. However, research has shown that visuals can be even more convincing than text-based information and can shape how text-based information is perceived. Identifying misleading visualizations and imagery is therefore a vital skill for navigating the current health information landscape. This interactive session will illustrate the pervasive nature of this issue and introduce attendees to a wide range of deceptive visual communications ranging from misleading graphs to manipulated images in scientific publications to AI-generated deepfakes.

Tuesday, Jun 20 (12-1 pm)
Intersection between Cognitive Disabilities and the User Experience (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries)
When it comes to accessibility, cognitive disabilities are often overlooked and hard to address because of the challenges of creating content that meets their needs. We will discuss the challenges that people with cognitive disabilities have reading content online and its relationship to the user experience principles. One of the goals is to provide you with some information that you can use to improve the user experience for everyone regardless of their challenges.

Tuesday, Jun 20 (12-1 pm) Webinar (Law Library of Congress)
This orientation is designed to give a basic overview of While the focus of the session will be searching legislation and the congressional member information attached to the legislation, the new features of will also be highlighted.

Tuesday, Jun 20 (1-2 pm)
Social Media 102 (Firespring)
So you’ve finally adopted social media as a legit way to connect with your target audiences, but now you want to use it to stand out from the crowd. In our Social Media 101 webinar, we covered the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and walked through social media tools. Now it’s time to learn a few advanced social media tips and tricks, elevate your social media presence through micro strategies and activate your advocates.

Wednesday, Jun 21 (10-11 am)
Educating, Inspiring, and Leading with an LGBTQ+ Lens Focused on Optimism, Awareness, and Support (edWeb)
As we begin Pride Month, join this edWebinar to gain ideas and best practices and strategies to educate, inspire, and lead with an LGBTQ+ lens as part of your classroom, organization, or district belonging and equity work. Our coalition needs to remain strong as educators across the country work to find ways to be inclusive and supportive, especially when states and lawmakers are making it harder and harder to do so in classrooms and across education systems.

Wednesday, Jun 21 (11-11:45 am)
How to Engage Your Nonprofit Board in Fundraising: Strategies for Success (CharityHowTo)
In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the pain points that nonprofits face when it comes to board engagement in fundraising. We’ll explore the common roadblocks that prevent board members from getting involved and provide practical strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Wednesday, Jun 21 (12-1 pm)
At First You Don’t Succeed: Lessons from two semesters in the credit-bearing classroom (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries)
Teaching in any environment involves a lot of trial and error, especially when developing lessons for the first time. In spring 2021, I taught a for-credit First Year Seminar focused on social media. The experience was trial-by-fire, as I had to navigate developing a full-semester course for the first time, teaching online (and during a pandemic), and tying information literacy concepts to a larger context. I taught a version of the course again, this time in-person, in Fall 2022. In this webinar, participants will hear how I navigated challenges throughout both semesters, using reflection and student feedback to regroup.

Wednesday, Jun 21 (12-1 pm)
PeMento and the Power of Peer Mentoring (Georgia Library Association)
PeMento is a radical creative experiment aimed at helping mid-career library workers connect to help one another, solve one another’s problems, and build a new kind of professional network. The program seeks to bring together librarians from around the world to co-create a professional development experience unlike any other in libraries. We are actively seeking to create a professional network that is more powerful, open, kind, and brave in hopes that it may come to define the profession itself. In this session, PeMento’s co-founders will discuss the development, delivery, and outcomes of our independent peer mentoring and professional development program for mid-career library workers. We will explore why peer mentoring is an important approach for today’s professionals.

Thursday, Jun 22 (10-11 am)
Strategic Innovation: How Do I Plan When I Don’t Know What’s Coming? (Blackbaud)
Innovation isn’t slowing down; how can you discern the best investments for your mission? Whether it’s the constant drumbeat of innovation from Cloud and SaaS providers, the commercialization of AI (e.g., ChatGPT) or the increasing digitization of how we work today (e.g., Zoom, Teams), the opportunity of Innovation is ever present, as are the pitfalls of uninformed adoption of new technologies. Hear experts at Blackbaud and AWS reflect on how you can “make space” for Innovation in your Strategic Plan without sacrificing time for your mission.

Thursday, Jun 22 (10-11 am)
How To Find A Career You Love (Harvard Business Review)
Marcus Buckingham is the world’s leading researcher on strengths and performance. Buckingham writes that each of us has different loves and loathes, along with different strengths and passions. He says it’s possible to discover the unique things we love so we can build a career around them—whether just starting out as a graduate or seeking a mid-career reinvention. In this live, interactive HBR webinar, Buckingham will share a roadmap for finding and infusing love into our work and careers.

Thursday, Jun 22 (12-1 pm)
Geography 101 (Federal Depository Library Program)
This session will cover the three types of census geographies, how census geography is updated, and resources for learning more about geographic concepts. There will be a demonstration of how to view census geographies via TIGERweb and Data.Census.Gov.

Thursday, Jun 22 (12-1 pm)
Medieval European Legal Manuscripts And What They Are Telling Us (Law Library of Congress)
During this webinar, Codicologist Dr. Ilya Dines will discuss the medieval manuscripts that are in the Law Library of Congress’s possession. During the presentation, Ilya will introduce the audience to a discussion and description of these unique books and their commentaries. He will highlight the legal system they represent, provide insights into their authors, and explore the afterlife of these manuscripts. The main focus of this webinar will be to demonstrate the reasons why manuscripts continue to hold great importance, even though many of the treatises have been published in modern editions.

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