Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of May 3

May 3, 2021

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of  May 3 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, May 3 (11-12 pm)
donorCentrics® 2020 Annual Report on Higher Education Alumni Giving (Blackbaud)
Each year, Blackbaud compiles fundraising data from a broad sample of schools to evaluate overall trends in higher education fundraising. Don’t miss the opportunity to examine these trends and assess the aggregated performance of public and private institutions across the country.

Monday, May 3 (2-3 pm)
Shake Up Your Shelves: Diversify Your Book Collection! (School Library Journal)
SHAKE UP YOUR SHELVES! Join award-winning teacher and author Donalyn Miller, educator Autumn Allen, and Newbery Award Medalist Erin Entrada Kelly for an hour-long FREE webinar and get practical tips and approaches for diversifying your book collection!

Tuesday, May 4 (12:30-1:30 pm)
Understanding the Present and Future of Diverse Children’s Literature (Mackin)
Join award-winning author Christina Soontornvat and publisher Philip Lee for a lively conversation on the present and future of diverse children’s literature. They’ll discuss the need for diversity within diverse books, what the #OwnVoices movement means for authors and readers and where they turn for courage and hope during difficult times. Participants will walk away inspired and equipped to make positive changes in their communities through the power of literature.

Tuesday, May 4 (1-2 pm)
Training New Supervisors for Success: Don’t Start from Scratch (WebJunction)
New supervisors need timely training as they step into their new role. Not only do they need to learn how to manage people effectively, they need to learn specific procedures particular to their library. Trainers know that it takes a lot of time, up to a year, to develop this kind of training. What if there were some existing training that one could build upon without starting from scratch? There is!

Tuesday, May 4 (1-2 pm)
Leading Change: Breakthroughs Don’t Happen Overnight (Firespring)
There is not a single giant leap forward in the history of everything that didn’t require months or years of planning, rigorous testing, teamwork – and any number of failures along the way. During this session the presenters will examine the shifts in attitude, behavior and strategy that go into leading substantive, lasting change.

Tuesday, May 4 (5-6 pm)
AASL Watch Party: Representation Matters (American Association of School Librarians)
Want to ensure your collection supports equitable access for all? A lot has changed in the past five years! Join the AASL Professional Learning Committee as they view a 2015 AASL webinar! During the watch party, attendees will learn strategies to explain the rationale and vital role of LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum to move your school library practice forward. Presenter Luke-Elizabeth Gartley will be online to share new insights and updated resources, as well as answer questions.

Tuesday, May 4 (5-6:30 pm)
Engage & Inspire: Podcasting in the Classroom (TeachersFirst)
If you’re looking for an easy way to increase engagement in the classroom, look no further. Teachers can use podcasting—creating audio recordings delivered via the internet—in all content areas to deliver instructional information or as an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Join us to learn how to connect your classroom to the world beyond your walls while encouraging students to improve their digital and communication skills. Understand how you can plan, produce, and publish podcasts to support your classroom goals for free.

Wednesday, May 5 (9-10 am)
Adult Book Clubs During the Pandemic: Reports from the Field (Nebraska Library Commission)
Join host Lisa Kelly, Nebraska Library Commission, as she chats with Kay Schmid, Hruska Public Library – David City; Chuck Reichwein, Hebron Secrest Library; and Dana Still, Hastings Public Library. They will share their experiences with their book groups this past year and memorable titles that have made a difference.

Wednesday, May 5 (9-10 am)
Fundraising Metrics: Measure, Improve, Repeat (Nonprofit Hub)
Join this interactive webinar about measuring, tracking, and improving your organization’s fundraising efforts. You don’t have to be a math genius or a computer whiz to apply this best-practice content This webinar will not only cover the most influential fundraising metrics, more importantly, Jonathan will give you the actionable tools you’ll need to compile the data, calculate the metrics, and understand the results.

Wednesday, May 5 (12-1 pm)
Best Practices for Recruiting Online (VolunteerMatch)
Learn how to create an online recruitment strategy and design volunteer opportunities using best practices. This webinar will cover the eight simple steps you can take to make sure that the right volunteers find your opportunities. And, you’ll learn the tips and tricks of how to make the most of VolunteerMatch’s Basic (Free!) Account.

Wednesday, May 5 (12-1 pm)
Is Starting A Nonprofit Right For You? (Candid Learning)
In this session you’ll learn the legal and logistical elements necessary to start a successful nonprofit.  You’ll also learn about possible alternatives to starting your own nonprofit that you may not have considered.  Finally, you’ll be introduced to a tool that will help you assess your own readiness to move forward.

Wednesday, May 5 (12-1 pm)
Four Apps Helping Nonprofits Successfully Respond to COVID-19 Challenges (TechSoup)
Discover four innovative apps helping nonprofits successfully respond to COVID-19 with tools for post-pandemic strategy planning, volunteer management, scheduling vaccinations, and facilitating your return to the office.

Wednesday, May 5 (1-2 pm)
Education Now: The Power of Resilience (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the aftereffects of isolation, stress, fear, and sadness are sure to linger. Join us as we dig into the power of resilience — not as a magic cure-all, but instead as a way to build the tools we need to contend with difficulty, fear, or loss, and to take care of ourselves, and others, so that we can weather the storm.

Thursday, May 6 (9-10 am)
Advancing responsible research assessment: implications for librarians (Library Connect)
In this Library Connect webinar, Christopher Belter will discuss what responsible research assessment might look like in practice for a large biomedical funding agency. ICSR staff members Andrew Plume and Holly Falk-Krzesinski will then discuss the recommendations of both DORA and the Leiden Manifesto and their implications for Elsevier as well as for librarians and their users.

Thursday, May 6 (9-10 am)
Next-level Gamification Strategies for Remote Learning (Training Industry)
Living and learning at a distance feels more and more like the new norm. But even as we’re physically separated, connected, multiplayer games can bring learners together — no matter where they’re logging on from. Play and socialization have always been critical in the way we learn and learning technologies can help you leverage gamification and collaborative virtual play for more effective workplace learning.

Thursday, May 6 (9-10 am)
Best Practices for Writing Voice-over Scripts for eLearning Courses (Training Magazine Network)
Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, as she takes you through the best practices for writing voice-over scripts. She will show you different examples of how to convert on-screen text to narration and the details you need to add to the script before passing it on to the voice-over artist, for minimizing the number of edits and re-recordings.

Thursday, May 6 (10-11 am)
10 Ways to Maximize Engagement at Your Virtual Events (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Event engagement is crucial to the success of a virtual gathering. Keeping attendees engaged in a virtual event is complex. During this webinar, we will show you the best ways to keep participants engaged from donors, sponsors, learners, and more. It is time to level up your virtual gatherings to make a larger impact. It is time to remember why you asked folks to join you in the first place and make sure you are creating intention with your virtual events.

Thursday, May 6 (11-12 pm)
You’ve Been Let Go From Your Nonprofit Job – Now What? (Bloomerang)
Ephraim Gopin will moderate a panel of nonprofit pros – Mimosa Kabir, Sarah Willey, and Lisa Chmiola – to look at the issue of being laid off and ask: what next? What should I be doing to find the next big thing for me? How do I deal with going through the interview process all over again? How can I make sure I find the right fit for me, with a salary that meets my needs?

Thursday, May 6 (12-1 pm) Webinar (Law Library of Congress)
This webinar provides a basic overview of with a demonstration of how to conduct a search and information on setting up alerts for legislation, members, and saved searches. Recent enhancements to will also be covered, such as the addition of hearing transcripts and the bound Congressional Record.

Thursday, May 6 (1-2 pm)
Effective Strategies for Coordinating Summer Reading Growth for K-3 Learners (
Now, with the summer months ahead of us it’s important to keep our youngest learners engaged in reading and make these summer months really count. During this edWebinar, Dr. Anne Cunningham will lead the audience on how to plan for summer reading growth no matter where learning takes place—in school or online.

Friday, May 7 (9-10 am)
Working towards Wellbeing: Setting Your Compass Heading Toward Community Wellbeing (Southern Tier Library System)
Wondering what social wellbeing is and how public libraries support it? Margo Gustina, Special Projects Librarian, will orient participants to thinking about community librarianship through a social wellbeing lens, share helpful resources for both getting started in the work and deepening impacts, as well as offer practical how-to-do-it guidance. This is a four-session series.

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