Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of November 11

Nov 11, 2019

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of November 11 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Tuesday, Nov 12 (9-10 am)
Child Care is Everywhere: How Libraries Can Develop, Strengthen, and Support Child Care Part II: Programs for Nannies and Informal Providers Child Care (Association for Library Service to Children)
At this session, we will focus on informal providers and nannies, an audience who are often already actively using the library. We discuss some of the needs informal child care providers and nannies as well as learn about some easy-to-implement programs to support these caregivers from Brooklyn Public Library and New York Public Library.

Tuesday, Nov 12 (11-12 pm)
How to Make Event Volunteers Love You (CharityHowTo)
During this free 45 minute live nonprofit webinar with A.J. Steinberg you are going to learn how to create a volunteer experience that makes your event volunteers love your organization so they come back and help year-after-year and make your life easier.

Tuesday, Nov 12 (11-12 pm)
How to Introduce Fun and Playful Stem Robotics in Your Afterschool Program (National Afterschool Association)
The early grades are a wonderful time to spark young people’s interest in coding, robotics and engineering, but it requires age-appropriate tools and hands-on concrete activities. What better place to introduce easy, engaging and fun robotics than in your afterschool setting? With robotics, children integrate creative STEM/STEAM learning while collaborating and creating with arts and crafts, gaming, hands-on science projects, storytelling and more! Webinar is for members but membership is free.

Tuesday, Nov 12 (12-1 pm)
Is Impact Investing a Good Strategy for Your Organization? (TechSoup)
In this 60-minute webinar, Will Jacobsen, senior director of strategic investments and investor relations at Kiva Capital, and Ken Tsunoda, vice president of development at TechSoup, will talk about these topics: What impact investing means for nonprofits; The pros and cons of impact investing; How nonprofits can participate in impact investing; How Kiva and TechSoup are using impact investing, and other use cases; Finding the right strategic partnerships in a highly regulated field; Resources and takeaways to help you get started.

Tuesday, Nov 12 (12-1 pm)
Making Yourself Marketable for Academic Library Positions (Association of College and Research Libraries)
Topics covered in this session include selecting educational and work opportunities, building professional relationships, communicating your experience and strengths, and beginning to build a scholarly record. The session emphasizes practical steps that you can take throughout your career as an MLS candidate.

Tuesday, Nov 12 (12-1 pm)
Winter D.I.Y.: New Craft & Gardening Titles (Booklist)
Creativity comes in many forms: art projects, handy fixes, or gardening! Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or are totally new to the crafting and gardening world, we have an amazing webinar designed for all skill levels!

Tuesday, Nov 12 (12-1 pm)
Using FDLP eXchange in a State with Multiple Regionals (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar will discuss issues specific to using FDLP eXchange in regions with more than one regional library. Participants will learn ways to make the transition to using FDLP eXchange easier through planning, communication, and preparation.

Wednesday, Nov 13 (10-11 am)
Best Children’s Books of 2019 (Utah State Library)
With over 30,000 titles published for children in 2018, it can be challenging to see the forest through the trees. Identifying new titles for use in programs, displays, teacher collections, and class visits can be challenging and time consuming. This overview of must-have board, picture, and nonfiction books covers under the radar choices for programs and class visits, coverage of un-reviewed items, and suggestions for almost every facet of your collection. Program ideas and pairings and an extensive bibliography are also included.

Wednesday, Nov 13 (10-11 am)
Working Across Difference: Making Better Connections (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
We may be well intended when we enter or step back from a conversation. We know better, but what we don’t know how to do is fix it right? Make sure that everyone understands what is required to work with people who are “not the same” as you are. Part of the webinar series, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Nine Conversations that Matter to Health Sciences Librarians with Jessica Pettitt.”

Wednesday, Nov 13 (11-12 pm)
How Designing Your Library with Natural Elements Can Make a BIG Impact! (Library Journal)
Join Joe Agati Jr., Ind. IIDA, director of design, CIO, Agati, Inc., and Bill Browning, founding partner, Terrapin, for an engaging conversation how incorporating natural elements into your Library Spaces can improve patron satisfaction and Library outcomes.

Wednesday, Nov 13 (11:30-1:00 pm)
A Funder’s Perspective on Collaboration and Strategic Alliances (GrantSpace)
This live, online training will introduce the national movement of funders interested in supporting strategic alliances, and share insights from the lessons learned from the dozens of strategic alliances recently formed in Los Angeles. Join us to find out how a strategic alliance could help you strengthen your local impact.

Wednesday, Nov 13 (12-1 pm)
Taking a Walk with the Library: StoryWalk®, Walking Book Clubs and More (Programming Librarian)
Join us for a webinar with Charlotte Mecklenburg (N.C.) Library, Gail Borden Public Library District (Elgin, Ill.), and Let’s Move in Libraries! to learn how libraries of all sizes can incorporate walking into programs for all ages. This session will focus on how these libraries developed their StoryWalk® and Walking Book Club programs, including lessons learned, with a brief overview of other walking programs ideas, like local history walks.

Wednesday, Nov 13 (12-1:30 pm)
4 Easy Steps That Will Transform Challenging Behavior in Your Early Childhood Program (Early Childhood Investigations)
Working with children who exhibit challenging behavior is no easy task! While there are hundreds of popular strategies and methods that promise to help reduce challenging behaviors, very few are as simple as the  four common-sense steps our presenter, Rachel Wagner, will present in this powerful webinar.

Wednesday, Nov 13 (3-4 pm)
Teaching Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know (
In 2014, there were 1 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally. By 2021, it’s estimated that number will grow to 3.5 million. Exposing K-12 students to cybersecurity through a well-designed curriculum and set of activities will help alleviate the shortage by increasing the interest and skills of the new generation. Unfortunately, current secondary school curricula across the country leave students and educators with minimal or no exposure to cybersecurity topics. Many K-12 school districts are looking for ways to create cybersecurity training programs. This edWebinar will focus on best practices for teaching and learning cybersecurity skills.

Thursday, Nov 14 (10-11 am)
Create Compelling Infographics in PowerPoint (Training Magazine Network)
This session looks at the techniques involved in drafting infographics with visual hierarchies to convey meaning, followed by ways that you can quickly and easily construct your proposal graphics using nothing but PowerPoint. You’ll examine the different uses for infographics and how they can be used to support a variety of training tools, or be standalone for quick microlearning or reference guides. There will be plenty of examples from the immediately practical to the more long-term inspirational, so that you can get going now and improve over time. You’ll find tips on design, layout, and visualization approaches, as well as some nifty productivity tips that will turn you into a PowerPoint Legend.

Thursday, Nov 14 (10-11 am)
Incorporating Face to Face Asks in Your Year-End Campaign (Blackbaud)
Author and consultant Gail Perry will share her 4-step plan for getting in front of the right donors to make a successful ask. You’ll discover Gail’s secrets for getting your donor to say “yes, of course I want to help.” You’ll learn strategies straight from the most successful major gift and capital campaign experts.

Thursday, Nov 14 (10-11 am)
Engaging with a Global Workforce and the Impact of Language (InSync Training)
“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela. Does having one global corporate language really work? How can language help to improve employee engagement? With many multinational organisations citing low levels of employee engagement, this webinar will look at the role of language in engaging a global workforce.

Thursday, Nov 14 (11-12 pm)
An Introduction to Online Fundraising for Small and Medium-Sized Nonprofits (CharityHowTo)
During this free nonprofit webinar, you’ll learn the tactics to successfully raise money online for your nonprofit, even if you are a small or midsize organization.

Thursday, Nov 14 (11-12 pm)
Using FDLP eXchange for Collection Development (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar will show you ways to use FDLP eXchange in collection development. Weeding, acquiring, and offering items to other libraries will be covered.

Thursday, Nov 14 (11-12:30 pm)
Accidental Techie: How to Support Your Nonprofit Without an IT Background (IdealWare)
Nearly every small nonprofit has a staffer who stumbled into being the go-to techie around the office. They often have little training—just a good head for technology and the patience to deal with the many issues that come up in a busy office. Are you one of these “accidental techies”? This course is designed to give you a boost—in knowledge, resources, and confidence—to help you embrace your role and thrive as an intentional techie. Over three weeks, we’ll show you how to get through the big and small IT issues that most nonprofits face. (Nov 7, 14, 21). This week: Managing Software and Security.

Thursday, Nov 14 (12-1 pm)
Collaborative Approaches to Library Resource Sharing: Leveraging Consortial & Regional Partnerships for ILL Success (Library Journal)
This panel discussion involving library professionals with extensive experience in resource sharing will focus on how interlibrary loan services are currently being used to support consortial and regional partnerships.

Thursday, Nov 14 (12:30-1:30 pm)
Mobile Marketing Tips for Every Generation (Firespring)
Join Molly Coke for a webinar that explores mobile marketing and generational marketing.

Thursday, Nov 14 (1-2 pm)
Exemplary Practices using Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Free Resources (National Girls Collaborative Project)
This ‘Exemplary Practices using ‘Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA’ Free Resources’ webinar will explore the free NASA resources, along with accompanying exemplary practices. In addition to the content, there will be time for questions and comments in order for the NASA’s Universe of Learning team to best support your program efforts with the Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA materials.

Friday, Nov 15 (11-12 pm)
Consumer Health Information Justice: Identifying and addressing information-related factors that contribute to health disparities (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
In this webinar, we’ll discuss many of the different types of information-related factors that can diminish an individual’s capability to live a long and healthy life, such as an inability to recognize and articulate one’s information needs; unawareness of and/or insufficient access to sources of relevant, comprehensible, and credible health information; limited health literacy (including inadequate digital health literacy skills); an inability to act on information; etc. To conclude the webinar, we will focus on some of the many ways in which information professionals are helping to shape these information-related factors so as to optimize every individual’s capability to not only live a long and healthy life, but also to flourish.

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