Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of October 14

Oct 14, 2019

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of October 14 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Tuesday, Oct 15 (11-12 pm)
Bringing Play to Adult Services Programming: It’s Not Just for Kids (Library Journal)
This program will outline the need for play in adult lives, types of play, and the benefits of prioritizing play for every age. It will examine and celebrate ways that Library programming is bringing play to the forefront in our patrons’ lives, and explore ways that libraries might expand this initiative.

Tuesday, Oct 15 (12-1 pm)
Helping Patrons Navigate “Dr. Google” (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Learn about strategies to make digital resources user friendly for all patrons and ways to help them access reliable health information online.

Tuesday, Oct 15 (5-6:30 pm)
Facts Are Facts…Aren’t They? (Teachers First)
Can your students tell facts from fiction? Learn strategies to help your students determine if information is reliable in this session.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (9-10 am)
Surviving and Thriving as an Accidental Librarian (Nebraska Library Commission)
You finally got your dream job at the library, but now what? People always say, “I never learned that in Library School”, but what about those of us who never went to school? More than 3 out of every 4 library staff nationwide don’t hold a library degree, so if you’re one of them, this session is for you! Come take pride in your accidental librarianship, and walk away with greater understanding of library principles, practices, and tools of the trade.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (10-11 am)
Being a Better Ally to All (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Every organization has a group of stakeholders, staff, and volunteers who must foster effective communication through conflict, change, and crisis. With increased comfort and confidence, you can be prepared to hold and encourage others to have the challenging conversations that lead to better collaboration and teamwork. Developing a culture based on listening, speaking up, and taking responsibility builds teams of cooperation for the short- and long-term.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (11-12 pm)
Engaging Your Board for Better Fundraising (Network for Good)
Would you like to deepen your board’s involvement in fundraising? This webinar will explore a 3-step process for building board engagement in fundraising. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on what is and isn’t working in engaging your board with fundraising, Then, you’ll choose from a variety of possible next steps that will take your board fundraising to a higher level.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (12-1 pm)
Study Design: Developing a Citizen Science Project that Delivers Results (DigitalGov)
This 60-minute session will explore the fundamental building blocks for building a strong citizen science program.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (12-1 pm)
Activate Student Success With Database Access (Education Week/Gale)
Register for this webinar to hear Project Tomorrow and panelists discuss key findings and examples for implementing databases into the classroom. You’ll learn how educational databases have been used to develop future-ready skills, enhance projects, and improve the quality of student learning. Plus, you’ll receive access to download our research paper and best practice guide. Wyoming educators have free access to Gale databases.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (12-1 pm)
A Recipe for Reading: Culinary Literacy at Your Library (Programming Librarian)
Few things bring people together like a good meal. Join us to hear how two libraries established culinary literacy programming for their communities and get tips for setting up a similar program in your community.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (12-1 pm)
Fierce Fighting Girls (School Library Journal)
Algonquin Young Readers has a FIERCE fall 2019 line-up of middle grade and young adult titles. Join authors Tracey Baptiste, Sarah Jean Horwtiz, Karen Rivers, Maria Padian, and Cynthia Copeland as they discuss each of their brand-new titles and protagonists. Each title represents characteristics beyond just being tough and will encourage young readers to celebrate their own fierceness, whether they have Fierce Courage like Corinne or a Fierce Voice like Cindy.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (12-1:30 pm)
Rethinking Philanthropy: Indigenous-led Grantmaking (GrantSpace)
In this webinar, we are bringing together indigenous leaders from the philanthropic sector that will share how they have redefined grantmaking practices to better serve Indigenous communities.

Wednesday, Oct 16 (2-3 pm)
PNR Rendezvous: Health Insurance Literacy and How Librarians Can Help (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Libraries are prominent places in communities making libraries and librarians excellent resources for advancing health information literacy. For example, librarians can address the unmet information needs that leave many unable to make appropriate health insurance choices. For those with lower levels of health insurance literacy, the ability to procure appropriate levels of health insurance coverage may be limited, which can have dire effects on individuals’ health statuses. Addressing this critical information need, Emily Vardell, Ph.D., will present a talk entitled “Health Insurance Literacy and How Librarians Can Help.”

Wednesday, Oct 16 (3-4 pm)
Diversity in Context: Stretching the Idea of Building Diverse Collections (edWeb)
How can we build collections that celebrate not only diverse characters but also a diverse range of experiences for those characters to inhabit? And, how can we encourage readers to empathize with characters who may seem unfamiliar? In this edWebinar, join Michelle Luhtala for a lively discussion in honor of Teen Read Week 2019.

Thursday, Oct 17 (12-1 pm)
Diversity and Inclusion – Planting Seeds of Change in the Digital Space (InSync Training)
In this webinar we will discuss how to overcome challenges within Diversity & Inclusion training, share some real examples of effective online programs and explore strategies for how to position D&I training within your organization.

Thursday, Oct 17 (1-2 pm)
Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft: How Libraries Can Help (WebJunction)
This webinar will explore the free resources available in multiple languages and formats provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that can be used by your patrons to protect their identity and to recognize and avoid scams. You’ll also hear how Johnson County Library is partnering with local agencies to provide programs and resources to empower consumers in their community.

Thursday, Oct 17 (1-2 pm)
5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Next Summer (Library Journal)
This webcast will share 5 best practices for employing a winter reading challenge to increase circulation and grow a culture of reading. This webcast will be designed for schools looking to grow their culture of reading and toward public libraries looking to engage patrons year-round.

Friday, Oct 18 (12-1 pm)
Three Steps to Thriving in Chaos (Effectiveness Institute)
The turbulence of current events increases stress, drains energy and reduces productivity. In this webinar you’ll learn three essential steps for not only surviving but thriving in the chaos.

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