Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of October 24

Oct 23, 2022

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of October 24 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Oct 24 (12-1 pm)
Future of Librarianship: A Critical Look at Succession Planning for a More Inclusive Workplace (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries)
Leadership practice, style, and situational outcomes are important topics for anyone who wishes to hone their leadership skills or evaluate how they lead. How can a leadership practice manifest itself in one’s personal professional goals and in the goals of moving the library field forward to more healthy workplace culture for ALL? During the webinar, Ms. Norlin will discuss strategies for building an organizational culture of trust and sustainability by sharing information and how to be more transparent and inclusive in management styles and practices.

Monday, Oct 24 (2-3 pm)
How to Have Critical Conversations (GovLoop)
Let’s face it, sometimes having a conversation with your direct reports isn’t easy. Whether you are providing critical feedback, sharing a new direction the agency is taking or even changing around the workday schedule, critical conversations can be taxing on everyone involved. But there are ways to make them more impactful.

Tuesday, Oct 25 (9-10 am)
Convert Supporters with Powerful Landing Pages (Firespring)
In this session, we’ll share real-world landing page examples that increase conversions and what we’ve learned from studying hundreds of nonprofits and their landing page designs.

Tuesday, Oct 25 (12-1 pm)
Philosophy and Children’s Literature: An Interactive Presentation (Indiana State Library)
Children’s literature is full of philosophical questions and ideas, reflecting an awareness of children’s propensities to think about life’s big questions. This webinar will explore ways to inspire exploration with children about their big questions through children’s books. We will examine several examples of philosophically-suggestive works, and will engage as a group in a philosophical inquiry based on a picture book. You will come away with ideas and resources for involving children in philosophical questioning and discovery through literature.

Tuesday, Oct 25 (12-1:30 pm)
Am I Making the Right Decision? The Role of Ethics in Volunteer Engagement (VolunteerMatch)
We all encounter ethical dilemmas in our daily work with and for community, but rarely do organizations focus on ethics related to volunteer engagement. This session provides an opportunity for practitioners to understand the difference between personal, organizational and professional ethics. The core values and principles identified by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA) will be shared. Participants will learn a process for ethical decision-making that can be applied in any situation, and then practice this using real-life scenarios related to volunteers. Finally, several specific strategies will be offered for increasing awareness of ethics within an organization and helping both volunteers and staff become more effective at handling ethical dilemmas.

Tuesday, Oct 25 (5-7 pm)
Build Community in Your Classroom with Tech Tools (TeachersFirst)
Research shows that students who feel safe and included are more likely to be academically motivated. Take time to focus on supporting and facilitating students’ sense of belonging in the classroom. Join us to explore tools that will help students communicate and collaborate, support their social and emotional needs, and build a safe and inclusive environment.

Wednesday, Oct 26 (8-9 am)
What’s Up Wednesday – Because We Matter (Indiana State Library)
As public libraries have long been viewed as the central hub for information, gatherings, and broadband service, their pivot to serve as a place for patrons to meet virtually with social workers comes at an opportune time. This presentation will show how three public libraries developed a pilot program – titled “Because You Matter” – with the Indiana University School of Social Work to coordinate weekly telehealth visits with social work students and library patrons. They’ll share successes, failures, and what they learned to improve the program in the future.

Wednesday, Oct 26 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Pretty Sweet Tech (Nebraska Library Commission)
Special monthly episodes of NCompass Live! Join the NLC’s Technology Innovation Librarian, Amanda Sweet, as she guides us through the world of library-related Pretty Sweet Tech.

Wednesday, Oct 26 (11-12 pm)
How to Get Donor Visits and Navigate the Asking Process (Productive Fundraising)
Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a session focused on figuring out who you should talk to, getting the meeting, figuring out what to talk about, making the ask and following up afterward. Chad will walk you step by step through the process he has successfully used for years as he works to raise support for a nonprofit organization. Attendees will leave the session with templates and scripts to implement this process in their shop.

Wednesday, Oct 26 (12-1 pm)
Professional Development for Libraries – Introducing New Citizen Science Resources (SciStarter)
This webinar is part of our Professional Development for Libraries Series hosted by the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network. In this webinar you will learn about new kit resources, along with new webpages on the SciStarter website to help aid you in bringing citizen science to your community.

Wednesday, Oct 26 (12-1 pm)
Systemic Problems with Information Literacy Training (Niche Academy)
No matter how much time and effort we put into developing charismatic one-shot training sessions or providing students with carefully crafted LibGuides, students still struggle to learn information literacy skills. Are there more systemic problems we need to address? Join Mary DeJong as she describes what some of those problems might be, including students’ lack of motivation, poorly designed research assignments, and lack of standardization in the vocabulary of information literacy.

Wednesday, Oct 26 (12-1 pm)
The Candy Corn Question: Passive Programming That Pulls People In (Georgia Library Association)
Passive programming pundits and authors of The Passive Programming Playbook: 101 Ways to Get Library Customers Off the Sidelines, Andria L. Amaral and Paula Willey, will talk about passive programming that reaches out. They’ll discuss the specific challenges of service to young people, and the delightful solutions each has come up with. You’ll learn how to shoehorn passive programs into the most crowded of library spaces – and even how to use passive programming outside the library to pull people in. Passive programming is an inclusive way to embrace every library user – join us for your booster shot of inspiration.

Thursday, Oct 27 (11-12 pm)
Info2Go! Going Fine Free (Idaho Commission for Libraries)
Long thought to be a useful tool for getting library materials back or a way to generate revenue for the library, we have come to understand that library overdue fines can do more harm than good. Published research and a growing amount of evidence shows that overdue fines disproportionally impact patrons with lower incomes and discourages parents from checking out books for their children. For these reasons, more and more libraries across Idaho are eliminating fines. Join us to discuss going fine-free with representatives from public libraries across Idaho in this live webinar.

Thursday, Oct 27 (11-12 pm)
Library Accessibility Alliance Webinar: Incorporating Accessibility into Library OER Programs & Initiatives (Library Accessibility Alliance)
Open Educational Resources (OER) are meant to be as open and available as possible, but if they’re not accessible or on accessible platforms, how “open” are they really? In this webinar, staff from the Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries will share how they’ve integrated accessibility into their OER initiatives and OER grant program to improve the accessibility of OER created at MSU.

Thursday, Oct 27 (12-1 pm)
Explore Gale Business: Insights (Gale)
Gale Business: Insights provides users with detailed financial, historical, and current event information on over 400,000 companies, industries, and countries. Users can easily find Plunkett Reports, SWOT analyses, case studies, comparison charts, scholarly journals, and more. Join this session to explore the content, tools, and workflows in this valuable resource.

Thursday, Oct 27 (12-1 pm)
What’s All the Fuss About Participatory Grantmaking? | Making Sense of This Evolving Practice (Blackbaud)
While Participatory Grantmaking is no longer a new concept, it continues to gain attention and evolve within the field of philanthropy. Grantmakers of all kinds are eager to learn more about how they might embed participatory practices into their own funding programs. Join us for this in-depth and interactive webinar as we host Katy Love and Diana Samarasan, two independent philanthropy consultants—both deeply experienced in participatory grantmaking.

Thursday, Oct 27 (12-1 pm)
Crypto Donor Stewardship: Nurturing Relationships With A New Generation of Donors (Blackbaud)
Engaging the right audience is key to the fundraising success of your organization. Connect and engage with crypto donors who are eager to support a good cause as we enter into another exciting giving season.

Thursday, Oct 27 (12-1:30 pm)
Guiding Teachers to Use Technology with Young Children (Early Childhood Investigations)
Knowing that early childhood educators often face resistance, hurdles, and challenges when it comes to using technology with children, this tour will also review and help you address potential roadblocks so you can find alternative routes to strategies using technology. You will come away from the session with insights that will help you support teachers in meaningful implementation of the many technology resources available for young children.

Thursday, Oct 27 (1-2 pm)
World Water Day: Celebrate the Building Block of Life (STARnet Libraries)
Are you planning your springtime events? World Water Day is March 22! This is a day organized by the United Nations to bring awareness about water-related issues that face humans in almost every country. Join us as we explore hands-on activities about water conservation, the hydrological cycle, and engage in discussions about how water connects us all.

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