Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of September 24

Sep 24, 2018

Free, online, continuing education events for this week of from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Sep 24 (12-1 pm)
No Fear Coding: How to Start a Coding Club and Why It Matters (School Library Journal)
Librarian Allyssa Loya shares her story of failures and successes in launching a coding club in her elementary school. This webinar will boost your confidence, arm you with the basics of coding, and give you resources for teaching computational thinking without even needing to touch a computer!

Tuesday, Sep 25 (10-11 am)
Bozarthzone! Better Than Bullet Points (InSync Training)
Effective e-learning involves much more than just putting PowerPoint shows on the Web. In this session, we’ll explore solid ideas for transforming bullet-based content into compelling, engaging, interactive online learning programs.

Tuesday, Sep 25 (11-12 pm)
Fundraising 101: Fundraising Metrics – How Do You Measure Up? (Charity How To)
The measurement of key performance indicators in fundraising has become a best practice, and you don’t want your organization to fall behind. Be a data-driven organization, know your fundraising health, and measure the work you do every day. If you have a spreadsheet and can do simple math, you can use fundraising metrics to improve your operations and help your organization grow.

Tuesday, Sep 25 (11-12 pm)
7 Steps to a Written Fundraising Plan (Firespring)
In this session, you’ll learn how to follow 7 simple steps to put together a written plan for raising the money you need in the coming year without constantly selling something or begging online. We’ll cover goal setting, action plans and ways to keep your plan on track, plus you’ll get some worksheets and checklists that will make the process easy.

Tuesday, Sep 25 (12-1 pm)
Leadership Skills Toolkit-Tips, Techniques, & Resources for Library and Information Professionals (Indiana State Library)
What skills do you need to be a leader in your organization?  Based on the highly successful webinar series, The Day in the Life of a Leader, and decades of experience in teaching, consulting and leading. Drs. Cheryl Stenstrom and Sue Alman will discuss the leadership traits most in demand for library and information professionals.  Among other issues they will address the need to be an effective communicator, strategist, and risk-taker.  Join us for a lively interactive discussion

Tuesday, Sep 25 (1-2 pm)
Managing Your Digital Archive (Texas State Library & Archives Commission)
This webinar empowers the audience to care for their personal digital archives, specifically photos, by giving them best practices, tools, and resources that assist with selection, organization, and preservation of digital files.

Tuesday, Sep 25 (5-6 pm)
Accessible Makerspaces (American Association of School Librarians)
As makerspaces continue to grow in popularity in library settings are we as librarians ensuring accessibility for all students and library patrons? Do we look at our spaces, activities, outcomes and consider inclusion of all students? Join Heather Moorefield-Lang for a rich discussion in makerspaces, accessibility, and inclusion.

Tuesday, Sep 25 (5-6:30 pm)
Social Media Literacy: Purposeful Practice in Every Classroom (TeachersFirst)
Develop social media savvy digital citizens with simple, carefully-crafted and focused activities that support all content areas in grades 2-12.Participants will recognize the cycle of information gathering, processing, and posting; followed by vetting ideas and voice amplification as both a professional use of social media and an experience that learners should have.

Wednesday, Sep 26 (9-10 am)
Service Enterprise Initiative: Helping A Thousand Points of Light Shine Even Brighter (VolunteerMatch)
Join us as we reveal what Points of Light has learned over nearly ten years of implementing the Service Enterprise Initiative to help organizations develop the systems and cultures needed to strategically integrate volunteers throughout their operations and effectively engage volunteers.

Wednesday, Sep 26 (12-1 pm)
Introduction to Proposal Writing (GrantSpace)
This class will provide you with an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation.

Wednesday, Sep 26 (12-1:30 pm)
Wonder-Filled Early Childhood Environments: Engaging All Children in Learning (Early Childhood Investigations)
In this webinar we’ll discuss both the basics of high quality early childhood environments-what is essential in any setting for a given age group–and the hula hoops­ the things that make the setting just right for the children, and teachers, who live and learn in it.

Wednesday, Sep 26 (1-2 pm)
Accessibility in Mobile Devices: Updates from the Field (ablenet)
In this session, participants will be provided with a short refresher on accessibility features offered on iOS12, Google Chrome, and Android-based devices. The majority of the session will focus on application: Participants will be provided with scenarios for applying accessibility tools for a variety of purposes including personal and professional productivity.

Wednesday, Sep 26 (1-2 pm) (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
The purpose of this NNLM Resource Picks presentation is to familiarize participants with, a National of Library of Medicine database that provides patients, their family members, health care professionals, researchers, and the public with easy access to information on publicly and privately supported clinical studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions. This presentation will help you learn how to navigate the site and understand the nuances and limitations of information available on

Wednesday, Sep 26 (3-4 pm)
Get Real! Augmented, Virtual, and Other Realities in the Classroom (edWeb)
Join this webinar for a discussion about how to integrate augmented, virtual and mixed reality into any classroom. Immersive technology does not have to be complicated or expensive, and it can be used across grade levels and disciplines. Please join the conversation featuring replicable lessons, assessment ideas, and strategies to enlist support from learning community stakeholders.

Thursday, Sep 27 (12-1:30 pm)
No Money, No Mission: Cost Control in the Childcare Business (Early Childhood Investigations)
Join HINGE Founder and financial guru Kathy Ligon for an interactive webinar discussing healthy spending tactics for your childcare business. Kathy will cover current trends and challenges within the childcare industry as well as share her coveted benchmarking tool—demonstrating what the average financially healthy school looks like in numbers.

Thursday, Sep 27 (1-2 pm)
Literacy and Community-Building for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (WebJunction)
You will learn how Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC) helps libraries build community and promote literacy while supporting the educational and social growth of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. NCBC emphasizes inclusion and the joy of reading aloud with friends and is flexible enough to be adapted to the needs and budget of nearly any library. With more than 300 chapters, NCBC is the largest community book club of its kind in the world. Find out how your library can reach out to connect with an underserved population, promoting community inclusion, independence, and productivity for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Friday, Sep 28 (12-12:45 pm)
I’m Charged: How to Become a Student-Centered Learning Ambassador (Alliance for Excellent Education/Future Ready Schools)
In this webinar, representatives from Meriden School District will share how they are using the “I’m Charged” initiative to support personalized professional learning for teachers while also leading a digital transition to meaningfully integrate technology into the classroom.

Friday, Sep 28 (12-1 pm)
People – Difficult or Different? (Effectiveness Institute)
In this interactive and engaging Webinar, you will discover why “different” does not have to mean “difficult.” Then you will learn the magic of making slight adjustments in your awareness and behavior that will have a significant impact on your ability to “click” with customers and co-workers.

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