Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of September 9

Sep 9, 2019

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of September 9 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Tuesday, Sept 10 (10-11 am)
Congratulations You’re a New Academic Librarian! Tools, Tips and Insights for Success (Washington State Library)
Zach Wellhouse from Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Washington will be presenting a session for new academic librarians and those just entering the profession. He will be offering some insights, tips, tools, and advice for success as well as links to websites for PD opportunites.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (11-12 pm)
Tips to Supercharge Your Grant Research (CharityHowTo)
In this live, interactive webinar we will discuss how to best use the variety of tools available for foundation research in order to create and support your grant seeking plan and strategy.  We will look at opportunities for discounts or short term access to reduce grant research expenses while supercharging your results from the research.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (11-12 pm)
Using Social Media Effectively at Year-End (Network for Good)
The last couple months of the year are a busy time for everyone–especially nonprofits. We’ll talk about a strategy for year-end digital communication along with some tips and tricks for standing out from the crowd.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (12-12:20 pm)
Quick Bites: Brilliant Baby Brains: Early Learning & 0-5 Brain Development (Colarado State Library)
Babies are born with over 100 billion neurons and trillions of synapses. From this abundance of raw material, an incredible sculpting process takes place in a young child’s brain over their first years of life. Join Kate Brunner from our new Growing Readers Together (GRT) Early Literacy Support Team for a “Quick Bites” look at the incredible impact that a robust array of early learning experiences and caregiving relationships can have on 0-5 brain development.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (12-1 pm)
Single Days of Service: Make ’em Work! (VolunteerMatch)
This webinar will walk you through the first steps for incorporating single days of service into your program, and help you begin to think more creatively about volunteer engagement.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (12-1 pm)
Romantic Reads (Booklist)
Dry wit, swoon-worthy banter, and heartwarming happily-ever-afters? That’s right, it’s time for our annual romance webinar! Prepare to feast your heart eyes on must-have upcoming romance novels from Sourcebooks Casanova, HarperCollins Publishers, and Harlequin. Plus, learn about ways in which librarians can take advantage of resources offered by the Romance Writers of America from Jessie Edwards, Marketing and PR Manager for RWA.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (12-1 pm)
Fall Graphic Novels for All Levels (Library Journal)
From gritty crime and murder stories to heart-warming tales of magic, fantasy and friendship, this season’s graphic novels releases will not disappoint! Be sure to tune in to learn about unforgettable new graphic novels for middle grade, teens and beyond!

Tuesday, Sept 10 (12-1 pm)
“Seeing” your Search: Visualization Techniques for Exploring PubMed Search Results (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
In this webinar we’ll use visualization methods to explore the aggregate qualities of PubMed results. Techniques such as Venn diagrams and line charts can yield important insights into a search by giving us an overview of our results at a glance. We’ll also see how using these techniques in an interactive way can help guide the process of refining a search strategy.

Tuesday, Sept 10 (1-2 pm)
Rise to the Challenge: Designing Rigorous Learning That Maximizes Student Success (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)
Leveraging the latest research in the field as well as years of classroom experience, this webinar offers practical strategies, replicable examples, and thoughtful reflection exercises for educators to use as they work to help students embrace the mystery, complexity, and power of challenge.

Wednesday, Sept 11 (11:30-1 pm)
Steps You Can Take Immediately to Diversify Your Board and Major Donor Base (Grantspace)
This training concentrates on practical methods for identifying and approaching diverse major donor and board prospects who share a passion for your organization and mission. This process focuses on building powerful relationships with diverse people of expertise, wealth, and influence. This is the counter to tokenism.

Wednesday, Sept 11 (12-1 pm)
Just the Facts: New Nonfiction for Fall (School Library Journal)
Back to school means it’s time to revamp your nonfiction collection! Join publishing insiders to find out which must-have titles are hitting the shelves this fall. From classic series that educate and entertain to STEM companions — and everything in between — these fun and informational series and titles are sure to inspire your young and middle grade readers.

Wednesday, Sept 11 (12-1:30 pm)
Lessening Challenging Behaviors: Teachers and Classrooms as Partners in Facilitating Pro-Social Development (Early Childhood Investigations)
This session, presented by author and social and emotional learning expert Michelle Salcedo, provides teachers with strategies to respond to challenging behaviors with techniques that teach children, thus making these behaviors less likely to reoccur.

Thursday, Sept 12 (9-10 am)
Innovative and Inclusive Public Library Programs (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
In central Texas, Westbank Community Libraries embrace their community, which includes neurodiverse individuals, busy families, and patrons of all ages. The libraries have identified unmet needs within their community and have developed programming that promotes learning, sharing, and discovery. Such programs have flexible hours and encourage intergenerational experiences and sensory exploration. Come join the webinar and hear staff members from the libraries present all about their innovative and inclusive programs.

Thursday, Sept 12 (11-12 pm)
7 Keys to Successful & Enthusiastic Volunteer Involvement at Your Nonprofit (CharityHowTo)
Volunteers are more than simply an extra pair of hands. They bring special skills, are trusted service delivery partners, and can extend your connections with diverse communities far beyond your agency’s doors.  They are also key financial contributors, donating ten times more than non-volunteers. The value of volunteers can’t be ignored.  But, effective volunteer engagement requires a focus on the right tactics at the right time to fully realize the power of volunteer time and talent. Join us and learn where to strategically invest effort throughout the volunteer lifecycle and make the most of community involvement.

Thursday, Sept 12 (11-12 pm)
Genealogy: More than (Utah State Library)
While may be one of the most popular digital resources for genealogical research it isn’t the only one. There are many resources available to the family history researcher for free, you just have to know where to look.

Thursday, Sept 12 (11-12:30 pm)
Technology for Recruiting Volunteers (IdealWare)
In this webinar, based on Idealware’s impartial research, you will learn about services that help you recruit volunteers from a pool of people who have already confirmed their interest, opportunities to get professional guidance to support your volunteer search and ways to help you design productive volunteer engagements.

Thursday, Sept 12 (12-1 pm)
Fail-Proof Digital Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise At Least $10,000 (Bloomerang)
Rob Wu will equip you with new fundraising ideas, tips, and proven strategies to help you increase giving on your next fundraising initiative!

Thursday, Sept 12 (12-1 pm)
The Relationship 360: Using People Skills and the Leadership Mindset for Success (Effectiveness Institute)
The Behavior Styles model developed by Effectiveness Institute uses the metaphor of an iceberg to identify critical differences between behavior and personality. The entire iceberg represents our personality and the part above the waterline represents our behavior—which is a choice. What stops most people from making successful long-term change to their behavior is their mindset. To learn more about mindset and how it can be an accelerator of individual and team performance, George Myers, President of Effectiveness Institute, has invited a former institute partner and now go-to expert on mindset training, Hugh Blane, to join him in an interactive and high-impact webinar, “The Relationship 360: Using People Skills and the Leadership Mindset for Success.”

Thursday, Sept 12 (1-2 pm)
Supporting Connected Learning for Youth in Libraries with the ConnectedLib Toolkit (WebJunction)
Join us to learn about connected learning programs and services for youth, and how the ConnectedLib Toolkit can help you build the skills you need to successfully implement them.

Thursday, Sept 12 (1-2 pm)
Now You’re Speaking My Language: Creating a Successful Bilingual Storytime (Infopeople)
In this webinar, presenter Adilene Rogers will discuss how to create a Spanish-English bilingual storytime that is culturally inclusive and will strengthen the relationship with your Spanish speaking community. She’ll also cover the importance of early literacy practices on a bilingual child’s development. While this webinar focuses mainly on Spanish-English storytimes, the principles and theories can be used for any language.

Thursday, Sept 12 (3-4 pm)
Sound Learning: Audiobooks in the Library to Support Literacy (School Library Connection)
This webinar will focus on defining why critical listening is essential, the benefits of audiobooks, and an introduction to audiobook programs that support libraries and classrooms. Tune in for tips to promote the circulation of an audiobook collection, as well as suggestions for funding audio. The webinar will conclude with an “I’m listening…now ask me anything about audiobooks: Q and A.”

Friday, Sept 13 (12-1 pm)
Library Marketing Basics: Promoting on a Shoestring Budget (Booklist)
In this free, one-hour webinar, Mark will talk “true” marketing and how to apply it to your library. You’ll hear about tools to plan and implement marketing campaigns, examples of marketing plans, social media marketing guidelines, brand audits, and how to get buy-in from your colleagues and your stakeholders.

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