Free Webinar Series: 12 Months to Better Library Data

Feb 22, 2024

Do you want to learn how to use data to better serve your community? Check out this free webinar series, “12 Months to Better Library Data”, offered by the Research Institute for Public Libraries!

Featuring curriculum from the RIPL 2023 national event as well as a few new topics, RIPL’s curriculum is based on the steps involved in conducting an evaluation: identify the purpose of your evaluation, plan your evaluation, collect data, analyze data, and use data – for management, program improvement, strategic planning, and advocacy

During the first quarter of the webinar series, sessions will focus on the Identify and Plan steps (click on each webinar title to learn more and register):

During the second quarter, sessions will focus on collecting and analyzing data. The third quarter will address using data for decision-making, program improvement, and advocacy.  Finally, during the fourth quarter, we will consider how to develop a data-informed culture in your library, and will discuss the competing needs of patron privacy vs. using data to guide service design and delivery. Dates and more information about the second, third, and fourth quarter webinars will be available soon.

These webinars will be highly interactive; please come ready to participate in a variety of interactive learning activities, including breakout groups.

These webinars will be recorded, and the recordings will be available to participants afterwards.

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