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Nov 29, 2018

The Wyoming State Library has been the recipient of a generous donation of books published by the State Historic Preservation Office. There are over 3,400 books in total, ranging across 11 different titles, in need of new homes. Deadline to request copies is December 7, 2018.

Shipping is free to libraries, but individuals and other organizations may need to plan to pick up their copies at the WSL, 2800 Central Ave. in Cheyenne. Inquire when you place your request with Jessica Dawkins at or (307) 777-6337. She’ll be glad to answer any questions.

Book cover images and brief descriptions below, or download our PDF for lengthier descriptions and to print.

Available books


Wyoming Will Be Your New Home…: Ranching, Farming, and Homesteading in Wyoming, 1860-1960 
by Michael Cassity

This is a study of the historic context of homesteading, farming, and ranching in Wyoming from pre-Territorial incursions to around 1960.

Lives Worth Living, History Worth Preserving: A Brief History of Wyoming Homesteading, Ranching, and Farming, 1860-1960 
by Michael Cassity

This booklet is drawn from the larger Wyoming Will Be Your New Home study, and in some ways represents a summary of the main historical narrative.

Building Up Wyoming: Depression-Era Federal Projects in Wyoming, 1929-1943
by Michael Cassity

A scholarly examination of the transformation of Wyoming by federal programs launched during the Depression to put people to work and to build up the state’s social, economic, and physical infrastructure.

The Wind Whispers Their Names: A Brief History of Depression-Era Federal Projects in Wyoming, 1929-1943
by Michael Cassity

This booklet addresses some of the core issues in the longer study, Building Up Wyoming, but also provides some shift in focus.

Negotiating the West: A History of Wyoming Trading Posts
by Greg Pierce

This booklet was created to share with the public the research done on Wyoming’s early fur trade and trading post eras.

On the Road to Preservation: Wyoming’s Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2007-2015

Wyoming’s Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan guided the actions and set the priorities for historic preservation activity over the years of this plan.


Historic Schools of Wyoming
by Rheba Massey, Mary M. Humstone, and Clayton B. Fraser. Edited by Judy K. Wolf

Explores the development of Wyoming’s public educational system and the state’s private, parochial, state and federal schools from 1850 to 1960.

Wind River Indian Reservation Interpretive Plan for the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho

This interpretive planning project was initiated through the desire of many to hear, sometimes for the first time, the history of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho people of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

A Guide to the Evaluation of Wyoming’s Ranching, Farming, and Homesteading Historic Resources
by Michael Cassity

Evaluates each of the historic resources associated with homesteading, ranching, and farming in Wyoming, placing them into their historic context.

Historic Preservation in the Cowboy State: Wyoming’s Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2016-2026

This plan was developed with input from Wyoming SHPO’s preservation partners, stakeholders, and the public to guide actions and set priorities for historic preservation activity in Wyoming through 2026.

Managing and Evaluating Historic Resources of Depression-Era Federal Projects in Wyoming
by Michael Cassity

This guide is designed to assist cultural resource professionals and others in the determination of eligibility of these resources for the National Register of Historic Places and to provide guidance in their appropriate management.


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