From the Stacks: Vacationland Wyoming

Aug 8, 2019

Did you know the Wyoming State Library houses some historic marketing campaigns published by state agencies? “Live and work in Vacationland Wyoming,” say two Wyoming Natural Resource Board brochures from 1957 and 1960. Decorated with art stylistic of their time, the pamphlets contain information on transportation, power, business and health climates, living conditions, and natural resources throughout Wyoming in an effort to bring more citizens to the state.

“Wonderful Wyoming is one of the nation’s favorite playgrounds. A major portion of the state, eighth largest in the U.S., is given over to national forests, national parks and national monuments.”

Each brochure has a map featuring some of the highlights of Wyoming at the time, including a “jackalope area” near Douglas, Star Valley cheese, and various natural resources and production areas for sugar, iron, phosphate, and bentonite.

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