“Getting the Grant” Series from YALSA

Apr 5, 2016

money-994845_1920Grants can be a valuable source of funds for library projects. But if you’ve never done one, how do you start? The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has put together a six-part series outlining the steps you need to take to write an effective grant.

“Getting the Grant: A YA Librarians Guide to Grant Writing” includes:

  • Part 1: The types of outside funding available
  • Part 2: Planning the details — “the five W’s”
  • Part 3: Reading the fine print on the guidelines
  • Part 4: Building your case — finding the evidence to support your project
  • Part 5: Planning how to demonstrate project impact
  • Part 6: Writing the grant.

Grants are more about planning than writing. This YALSA series will walk you through it. Get started with Part 1 at yalsa.ala.org/blog/2015/10/22/getting-the-grant-a-ya-librarians-guide-to-grant-writing-the-first-step.


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