Goshen County Using ‘Crowdgranting’ for Community Garden

Nov 28, 2018

The raised beds will go outside the activity center.

Goshen County Library is using “crowdgranting” through SeedMoney to create a community vegetable garden. If they meet their $600 goal in 30 days, they’ll be eligible for a $400 challenge grant.

“We want to feed our patrons’ souls, whether through knowledge, art, a peaceful setting, or new opportunities,” library director Joan Brinkley said. “Our goal is to build raised gardens in all of our open areas and invite our patrons, young and old, to grow vegetables, get their hands dirty, meet their neighbors, and to share in the bounty.”

Many have heard of and contributed to crowdfunding through sites like GoFundMe. Crowdgranting represents a new way for nonprofit causes to access funds for their work, combining crowdfunding with challenge grants. SeedMoney offers both traditional grants and crowdgranting to start and sustain food garden projects.

Goshen County’s main source of income is agricultural, and Joan said it’s home to many experienced gardeners who are excited to share their knowledge. “We hope to start small and grow over time. We’d like to help our gardeners to feel a sense of belonging in the community.”

Also, “We want to help fight food insecurities by doing what Goshen County does best: Growing food.”

The mantra with crowdfunding—or crowdgranting— is “every little bit counts.” Learn more about Goshen County Library’s effort on SeedMoney.

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