GoWYLD Use on Just One Day

Wyoming libraries were serving more than just the patrons who walked through their doors on Snapshot Day. Statewide electronic resources make visiting the library as easy as firing up your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. GoWYLD.net offers articles, ebooks, scholarly sources, downloadable audiobooks, courses and tutorials, and much more. These are available to every Wyoming resident, 24 hours a day. On October 10, Wyoming Snapshot Day, there were:

  • 1,057 Encyclopedia Britannica sessions
  • 2,381 sessions using the Gale databases, with 1,353 full-text retrievals
  • 100 Mango Language sessions, accessing 150 courses
  • 274 ebooks and audiobooks downloaded from CloudLibrary
  • 341 RBDigital audiobook, ebook, and digital magazine downloads
  • 118 checkouts from TotalBoox

This is only a sampling — there are many more resources available. Find them all in GoWYLD.net.

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