Greg Mosshammer Joins the Wyoming State Library Team

Jan 11, 2022

Greg sitting at his desk.

Greg Mosshammer

On Monday, the Wyoming State Library welcomed Greg Mosshammer to our staff as Marketing Lead. He’ll be in charge of our website and graphic design and will be the point person for marketing library resources and services.

Greg is a graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He earned his B.S. in Technical Graphics (now Computer Graphics Technology) from Purdue’s School of Technology. He has more than 25 years of experience working as a design and marketing professional for large corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses, and internet startups.

He comes to us not just with technical and design skills, but also with experience working with libraries. Most recently, he served as the Web Content Manager for Space Science Institute’s STAR Net and NASA@ My Library projects promoting national STEM events. These included the 2017 Solar Eclipse, NASA’s International Observe the Moon Night, and STAR Net’s 2019 Summer of Space campaign that ran in conjunction with the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s “A Universe of Stories” summer reading theme.

“I was attracted by the opportunity to continue supporting the library community through the development and promotion of the many resources and opportunities that the State of Wyoming has to offer,” he said. “During the 5 years I worked with SSI/STAR Net, I had the opportunity to witness the passion that library professionals have for what they do and provide to their patrons and look forward to continue being a part of that supportive community.”

Greg looks forward to supporting the WSL’s mission with new and innovative strategies to communicate and inform Wyoming residents of all their libraries have to offer.

Originally from the Midwest (Indiana/Ohio), he and his family enjoy exploring many of the natural wonders that the West has to offer via camping and hiking. They’re also huge Marvel fans and enjoy binge watching many of the new or past movies and series that are available today.

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