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Nov 12, 2020

“Did you know?” female doctor cartoon illustrationThe Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) provides free access to a diverse collection of resources and services designed to equip your patrons with the reliable health and wellness information they need in their daily lives.

The network offers many tools for engaging communities, including:

  • Virtual Health Programming – Looking for ways to engage your patrons online? Instead of planning your own online programming, check out the programs on the NNLM Virtual Health Programming webpage. Each program has downloadable marketing materials you can use to promote the activity to your audience!
  • NNLM Reading Club is a selection of “ready-to-use” book titles along with free and downloadable materials designed to help libraries support the health information needs in their communities.
  • Digital health literacy resources can help people gain the skills needed to access and evaluate health information online.
  • Citizen science resources – NNLM is collaborating with SciStarter to offer opportunities to engage in meaningful, real-life scientific research, including a virtual introduction to citizen science, curated projects to jump into and more!
  • The Community Engagement Toolkit provides a curated collection of resources, examples and best practices you can use to gain the core skills and knowledge for successful community engagement.

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