Holiday Baking and More for Wyoming’s Dinner Tables

Nov 3, 2022

State publications often center on the government’s operations. However, since the definition includes all informational materials published with state funds for public consumption, state publications can include a wide array of materials. This includes all publications of the University of Wyoming Extension. The wonderful people at the UW Extension publish a wide range of materials that range from agricultural advice and gardening guides to financial advice.

This holiday season let’s dig into some of the wonderful food-related publications the UW Extension has created over the years. These extension publications can be found digitally on either the University of Wyoming Extension’s publication page or in the Wyoming State Library’s State Publications database.   For physical copies stop by the Wyoming State Library to check out materials, or stop by any of the local county extension offices  to see what publications they have available.

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Book coverHigh-Altitude Baking

To prepare for the holiday baking season first let’s look a recent addition to the Extension’s publication lineup: the 2022 High-Altitude Baking. This fantastic cookbook provides a multitude of baking recipes adjusted for 3,000 feet or more above sea level (which includes all of Wyoming.) With full color illustrations and instructions on how to adapt recipes for higher elevations, this cookbook has recipes that span the whole range of baking from cakes and cookies to bread and pizza dough. High-Altitude Baking is available as a PDF, for checkout at the Wyoming State Library, or for purchase on the UW Extension website.

Cookbook coverBaking It Up!

If you are looking for more down-to-earth dessert bakes, check out the 2017 publication Baking It Up! A modern revision of the 1965 UW Extension publication, this altitude-adjusted cookbook focuses on the classics of moms and grandmas everywhere: cakes, cookies, and quick breads. You can check out the original and its 2003 revision copy from the Wyoming State Library or go online for the 2017 edition.

Information sheet with image of cooked turkeyLet’s Talk Turkey

Finally, as the big Thanksgiving feast approaches, the Extension once again provides invaluable advice on cooking the festive bird. Let’s Talk Turkey is a condensed guide on how to thaw, cook and store turkey for the big day. Avoid any mishaps by consulting this guide before you begin preparations for your holiday feast.


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