Holiday Greetings from 100 Years Ago

On this Christmas Eve, we thought we’d share some holiday greetings from 100 years ago. Click for bigger images and find more in Wyoming Newspapers. Enjoy!

Old news clipping says "Christmas Morning" at top with two small children in wagon under Christmas tree clutching toys. Christmas greeting text is below.
Guernsey Gazette, December 24, 1920
Cartoon of family enjoying Christmas presents. Text reads "Let Joy Be Unconfined" at top.
Sheridan Post, December 25, 1920
Santa Claus standing with bag of toys on his shoulder under "Greetings" header. Christmas poem is below.
Casper Herald, December 25, 1920
Santa Claus in living room next to tree reading letter asking for political items (lower taxes, etc.) while man and woman watch from doorway.
Sheridan Enterprise, December 25, 1920

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