Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall at the Lincoln County Library

Mar 27, 2024

Force = Mass x Acceleration. Eggs are fragile. The story of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall and breaking into many pieces shouldn’t surprise anyone. So what happens when we take a dozen eggs, wrap them up and drop them 15 feet from the upper floor of the library onto the brick flooring below? Staff and patrons at the Lincoln County Library decided to investigate this question further with an Egg Drop event on the evening of March 21. Chris Johnson, Lincoln County Library Youth Services Librarian, facilitated this fun and educational event for young Lincoln County patrons.

“There are two things that improve the egg’s chance of survival: 1. Decreasing the descent (drag) and 2. Minimizing the impact (cushioning the egg so the impact is not focused on the egg itself). Thursday night, seven of our youth had fun figuring out how to solve this problem. The first was addressed with sack parachutes and balloons,” said Chris. “The most successful solution for the second deterrent involved popcorn and bubble wrap. Not all eggs survived their first fall…Okay, let’s be honest, a few eggs didn’t survive initial handling. But two contestants lived through the night, despite being dropped again and again. Were Humpty still with us, he should hire one of these young engineers to his security detail.”

The Lincoln County Library System’s main library is located in Kemmerer, Wyoming, and also includes branch libraries in Alpine, Cokeville, La Barge, Star Valley, and Thayne. Each library hosts a variety of activities for patrons of all ages. Check out their event calendar here for more information!

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