Idioms and National Geographic Virtual Library

Book cover: I'm Not Hanging Noodles on Your EarsThink National Geographic is just magazines? It is so much more! From, you have access to National Geographic Virtual Library. This resource is free to every Wyoming resident using your public or community college library card.

Here you will find the magazines for sure. (every page of every issue, 1888-present) But, you will also discover books, images, and National Geographic Traveler. I discovered a fascinating book, I’m Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears and Other Intriguing Idioms from Around the World, by Bahalla, Jag. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I went straight to the chapter, Emotional States.

  • To walk with a suitcase (to be in a bad mood-Spanish, Chile)
  • Stand like a watered poodle (crestfallen-German)
  • Bang your butt on the ground (die laughing-French)

Other chapters give us

  • Cooked like a lobster (exhausted-Italian)
  • One hand cannot hold two watermelon (one thing at a time-Farsi)
  • A kind word warms for three winters (proverb-Chinese)

To search books within the National Geographic resource, you have a couple of options. You can search a specific title. You can use the Explore Topics, then select a category. For the above title, select People and Cultures. On the results list, you will see Books. Click on View All. You will find limiters on the left-hand side to narrow your search. Another way, go to the Advanced Search. Click in the Publication Title box for National Geographic Books. Then click Search. That will bring up all 323 titles. Again, there are limiters on the left-hand side.

These are full text and include images.

For assistance with National Geographic Virtual Library, or other resources, contact Chris Van Burgh,, or your local library.

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