Libraries and Voting

Nov 2, 2018

From Laramie County Library System
By Kasey Storey, Communications Coordinator

Voting and public libraries go hand-in-hand. Think macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or rock and roll: that’s how well libraries and elections go together.

I know, it’s a big claim to put elections and libraries up there with such iconic duos, but just think about it. Public libraries are proponents of free and accessible information, information about proposals, ballot measures, candidates, voter registration, locations of polling places, and more. Libraries provide all sorts of information that will help individuals become well-informed voters.

Libraries are also invested in and dedicated to civic engagement and communal betterment. Public libraries host forums, events, and panels that allow people to gather and share ideas while becoming more involved in their community. Libraries aim to foster intellectual thought and communal conversation in hopes of creating a stronger community. Most everyone who goes to the polls, regardless of party affiliation or beliefs, has the similar goals in mind when they cast their vote: to be engaged, to make the community stronger, and to help improve the lives of their fellow community members.

We read books, listen to music, watch movies, surf the web, and analyze articles while in the library. The media we consume informs the way we engage with our community and helps us shape the ideas we have for its betterment. These ideas turn into votes when we go the polls, and we elect those we believe will help those ideas come to fruition.

The Laramie County Library System is especially dedicated to helping Laramie County voters, and we have resources to help you make informed decisions on Tuesday, November 6. On the third floor at the Ask Here Desk, we have an Election Binder full of pertinent information for Laramie County voters. The binder has a list of key election dates, a map where you can find your voting district for the state senate race, voter registration information, restoration of voting rights information, sample ballots, the League of Women Voter’s Voter Guide, and a list and map of voting centers. We also have brochures with some key information that you can take home with you.

(WSL note: Not in Laramie County? Check with your local library for their voting resources.)

As you can see, libraries and voting are an excellent duo. They go hand-in-hand like mac and cheese, rock and roll, and peanut butter and jelly, and, iconic as those duos are, none of them have made quite the same impact on the world as libraries and voting have.

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