Libraries Were the Talk of the Town on Snapshot Day 2023

Nov 8, 2023

On Wyoming Snapshot Day in October, we asked patrons why the library was important to them. We had many wonderful comments, but one was our favorite:

“Books! Books! And more Books!!! All the Books!!! Amazing staff! Always super positive and super helpful! Just the most amazing people! And all the databases, Holy research, Batman!”
Gillette College staff member

Plenty of other library patrons also weighed in on why their libraries matter to them. You can read all the comments on the Wyoming Snapshot Day website, but here are a few that stood out:

Moorcroft Branch Library

Children outside holding up letters spelling out READ BOOKS

“I love for my kids to have a safe fun place to go! I love to get new books, too!”

“The library is full of books and nice happy people”
12-year-old after-school program participant

Johnson County Library

Older man sitting at table wearing headphones and smiling

“The library is the door to learning to understanding others point of view, to excitement and love and so many other aspects of life.”

“For me, the Buffalo library offers a wide range of services that I routinely use and some I otherwise would not have access to, including internet, microfilm reader, printer, and scanner. I like having a private room option, and the library serves as a hub for interlibrary loan material from unique research institutions I could not otherwise get. These are over and above the hours one can spend browsing the books and magazines. And the staff is the best!”

Elk Mountain Branch Library

Two teen girls holding up "Bookworm," "READ!" and I love books" signs

“As a homeschool mom, the library is VITAL to our homeschool success! I have five voracious readers, and the library is our lifeline. It’s also a social outlet and a place to gather with other readers and friends in the community. We love our little library! ”
Angie Hobbs

Park County Library

Children's room in library

“I enjoy bringing my grandkids to the library. There’s so much here for them, and I enjoy the craft times you offer as well.”
Angela Hayek

Alpine Branch Library

Dark haired little girl in braids working on craft project

“It is a wonderful community resource for all ages. I think the staff try to brighten the lives of everyone who utilizes the Alpine Library.”
Jan Hansen

“The people help you find what you need. The best thing that ever happened in Alpine.”
Jeanne Barr

Sublette County Library

Two library employees in Halloween costumes handing out oranges and cupcakes as treats

​“A very valuable resource, especially in a rural state such as Wyoming. And the various activities hosted by the library are an added bonus. Much appreciated!”
Rawson Langlois

“As a preschool teacher, my job is to teach kids the love of reading. The library lets me help my kiddos love to read.”
Meranda Paulson

La Barge Branch Library

Boy at computer

“One of the last free places to get needed resources and services.”

“The library is important, because it gives students without internet a place to work.”

Gillette College Library

Two young women at computer. One is embracing the other from behind

“It is very helpful for finding resources for your classes. The librarians help you find websites, books, study guides etc.”
Rillie Howell

“It is important because it allows me to study catch up on work and relax. It’s a good place to go if you want to focus and play all at once.”
Cheyenne Adams

“It offers the tools and resources we need to be successful!”

Centennial Junior High School

Girl at laptop sitting at table in front of library shelves

“You can try new books and explore different genres of books.”

“It’s a quiet learning environment and a calming place to read over all.”

“Because you get to learn new things about books and meet new people.”

Goshen County Library

Library employee at service desk stacked with paperwork and books

“I use the library a lot. It’s helped my grandson learn to socialize and share. I read a lot as does my granddaughter and always find the books we want. They have even ordered books that I wanted to read. We come every Tuesday, Saturday, and the summer programs. It’s an awesome library.”
Diane Kimes

UW George W. Hopper Law Library

View looking between library stacks

“The law library is a place where I can study and feel comfortable.”

“The staff are amazing.”

Thayne Branch Library

Teen girl looking at book with title, "This Book is Banned"

“The stories I get to read from the books :)”
Sophie R.,13 years old

“Because it offers relatively open information in a lot of forms. I love to read and the library is a safe place to do it.”
Jolie R., 15 years old

Weston County Library

Children and adults gathered around a low table working on crafts. One woman is in a witch costume

“I am a provider for those with disabilities. Without the [library] program, arts, crafts, and story hour, our individuals wouldn’t have community opportunities.”
Deb Hoover (Hoover’s Peace)

“We save money on books, it offers a fun and warm place to bring my kids, I have a place to work, print, think…so much!”
Hannah Thomas

Cheyenne East High School

Collage of high school library photos

“It has important resources that can help me learn and be a better student in a safe and quiet environment.”

“Because it’s a comfort place that holds peace!”

“Libraries open doors to a world of knowledge and connect people and communities.”

Read more!

This was only a sampling. You can read all comments on the Wyoming Snapshot Day website.

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