Libraries Were the Talk of the Town on Snapshot Day

Dec 7, 2022

Stack of comment forms that say, "Please tell us why the library is important to you"On Wyoming Snapshot Day in October, we asked patrons why the library was important to them. We had many wonderful comments, but one stood out as our absolute favorite:

“Best library in America, best ever. Up there with chili cheese fries with extra jalapenos and bacon bits.”

Pete Stine, Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library patron

It’s high praise to be compared with chili cheese fries, indeed!

Plenty of other library patrons also weighed in on why their libraries matter to them. You can read all the comments on the Wyoming Snapshot Day website, but here are a few that stood out:

Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library

​“It’s important to me because there is a wealth of history and information in these walls. The library gives a place for people to gather and is important for youth to be able to research their own ideas and learn. The computers give those who do not have access otherwise to a wealth of information as well. The library is important because it is a place for community, young and old, to come together for knowledge and wisdom.”- Nikki

Gillette College Daly Library

For me the library is a place of refuge. A quiet place away from the noises of the rest of life. The study rooms provide a place I can do my homework in peace.” – Student

“From promoting student success to tracking down whatever esoteric tome I’m fixated on, my library always exceeds my expectations.” – Faculty member

Laramie County Library

“One of my most favorite moments at the library is being in a small crowd of people waiting for the library to open. I love that others enjoy this special place as much as I do!” – Instagram user robin4056

Pine Bluffs Branch Library

“I like the library because of the librarians and all the fun activities. They provide movies, too.” – Korbyn

Sublette County Library

“Community and connections. Art and care. My favorite place for a quiet afternoon.” – Adult patron

“The library is a gateway to unchartered words, an escape from whatever I am dealing with at that moment. Libraries are essential to a thriving community.” – Robin

“One of the only places to hang out with zero expectation to spend money!” –  Nichols Payne

Star Valley Branch Library

“The library is a place where both my kids and myself can enjoy books together, and learn. We love storytime! The kids can get together with friends to read and do activities. The library saves me a lot of money when I borrow books/movies instead of buying them.” – Allison Miseirvitch

“We love the library! We are a homeschooling family and books are invaluable for learning. We love the resources available through our library.” – Nicole

“The library is a great place to connect with the community and with friends. I feel less lonely when I visit the library!” – Kim S

Campbell County Public Library

“Books are my friends! I love the downloads on my Kindle but need real paper books in my hands. Community is found in a library!” – Janice Smith

“It provides a safe and free place for anyone to find help, explore things they’re passionate about, and it strengthens our community!” – Ashley

La Barge Branch Library

“My kids and I love the library for all the books and movies they have to offer, and for their fun reading programs for kids and adults.”

Crook County Library

“I love books. I love borrowing books! Our study group meets here. The librarians are helpful and kind.”

Thayne Branch Library

“We love the winter activities that get us out but also the wide range of book and games we can check out”

“Because I don’t have internet at home.”

Johnson County Library

“I know I can find answers to all of my questions.  I can see the world, I can run away, and I can always get a welcoming smile.”

“Our little boy loves coming and getting new books, plus everyone is so welcoming!  We so appreciate you all!”

Weston County Library

“Reading is a very important aspect of education – one of the most important! All our great thinkers and leaders including, Nathanial Bowditch, Abraham Lincoln, and Ben Carson, were avid readers. Having access to free books at a library opens up a wealth of knowledge and learning anybody can obtain. This opens doors to opportunities that wealth, status, power, background, etc. can’t! – Hannah Gross​

Alpine Branch Library

“We have been coming to story time at the Alpine Branch Library for ten years, and all of my kids (ages 4-15) love it!  They have all developed a love of reading!” –Tina Crowther

Powell Branch Library

“The library has been a great place for me and my young kids to get out in the community and meet people. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a 2 and 5 year old and especially during the winter, this is the only place in town to go play.” – Hanna

Park County Library, Cody

“I love storytime and crafts. I really like the Wonderbooks that read to me.” – four-year-old patron

“I absolutely love storytime. Miss Joy is wonderful! I bring my grandkids every Tuesday and the play area is wonderful!” – Angela

Centennial Junior High School

It is quiet and an escape from your day and as soon as I come in I just feel relaxed.

I feel that I can be safe in here, and I love libraries.

Read the rest on the Wyoming Snapshot Day website.



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