Library Items Selected as Finalists for “Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts”

Five items found in Wyoming libraries and archives are among the finalists for the first-ever “Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts.” This program was launched by the Wyoming State Historical Society in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries in celebration of 125 years of Wyoming Statehood. It is intended to become an annual event.

This effort will identify some of our state’s most treasured artifacts. Out of 41 nominations received, 25 were selected as finalists. The top ten will be selected by public ballot. See all 25 here and vote for your 10 favorites. All 41 nominees will be displayed online when the “Top 10” are announced in October.

This morning’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle featured the finalists from Cheyenne on the front page of its print edition and on its website. Here, we feature the ones that come from the state’s libraries and archives.

Finalists from Wyoming libraries and archives:

Original Wyoming Flag / Natrona County Public Library
Sowers archive- CWC
Ted Sower’s 1939 Report of the Wyoming Archaeological Survey — Rare, Typescript Manuscript / Central Wyoming College Library
Book – House Journals 1869-’71-’73-’75-’77-’82 Territory of Wyoming – Describes the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wyoming convened in Cheyenne, October 12, 1869 / Wyoming State Law Library
Speech – March 26, 1890 speech by Hon. Joseph M. Carey, Wyoming Territorial Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, arguing for Wyoming’s admission to the Union. / Wyoming State Library
Map – Generally Known as the Bridger-Collins Map, 1863 Map of What Would Become Wyoming / American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming



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