Library Outreach to Prisoners and Parolees

The Wyoming Honor Farm library.
The Wyoming Honor Farm library.

In FY15, the Wyoming Department of Corrections had an average daily inmate population of 2,424, and was supervising 6,386 for probation and parole. The vast majority of these inmates will eventually be released back into their communities. When they are, they face multiple barriers to re-entry.

Local public libraries can help both prisoners and ex-offenders meet the challenges they face reintegrating into their communities. Libraries might collaborate with a local prison to bring programming behind bars, create a list of social service resources, or donate weeded materials. Here are some articles we’ve come across that may be of use:

At the Wyoming State Library, Thomas Ivie works with the prison libraries to help them make the most of their library resources. Questions about prison libraries may be directed to him at or (307) 777-6330.

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