Lego Kit Program To Help Wyoming Schools Teach Cybersecurity

Jul 27, 2023

A Lego kit model of hospital

A Lego kit model of hospital

The CyberWyoming Alliance has received a grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation (WCF) to provide interactive, educational cybersecurity Lego models to Wyoming teachers for the purpose of teaching engineering, networking, circuitry, programming, and cybersecurity attack and defense principles.

In smaller school districts, Wyoming teachers are often required to teach subjects that fall outside of their expertise. For example, to meet state curriculum requirements, math teachers may have to teach a computer science course despite lacking the proper training.

The CyberWyoming Alliance has developed an educational program using Legos to help address this problem and encourage young people to consider technical careers. Since Legos are familiar with nearly everyone, the wired models in this program will serve as an interactive gateway to computer science education. Pre-built Lego kits will be available with teacher instructions and cyberattack and defense scenarios to encourage students to explore the cybersecurity aspects of sites that they see in their community such as hospitals, airports, and construction sites.

Interested teachers can register to receive a model at With only three models available, a waiting list is expected, however, the CyberWyoming Alliance will keep a list for both fall and spring semesters.

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