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Mar 13, 2017

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Toni Boughton, Manager of the Library Annex at the University, recently published her novel, Black Hare, the first in an urban fantasy trilogy, set in Wyoming. “I’ve been reading since I was four years old — 44 years of reading now — and I’ve read so much that I’ve gotten tired of some of the same old tropes. This is my attempt to turn the usual urban fantasy novel on its head.”


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Corinna (Cori) Hundley, joined the Central Wyoming College Library as Assistant Librarian in September, 2016. Originally from Dublin, Ohio, she holds a B.A. in history from The Ohio State University and an MLIS from Kent State University. Her past work experience includes the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Worthington Libraries in Worthington, Ohio, and Alaska Mountain Guides in Alaska, where she was provided the opportunity to backpack the Chilkoot Trail into the Yukon of Canada. Family ties, a love for hiking and the mountains, and the dream of one day living in the great state of Wyoming is what drew her to this area. She is passionate about books and helping students achieve their goals.


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