Markus Named Interim State Librarian

Jamie Markus

Dean Fausset, Director of the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information, has announced that Jamie Markus will serve as Interim Wyoming State Librarian, effective June 17. Jamie takes on this role with the departure of Lesley Boughton, who is retiring after 17 years as State Librarian.

Markus has been with the State Library for ten years, and has worked as the Library Development Manager for the past six. He is a past president of the Wyoming Library Association.

“The State Library, as always, is here for our colleagues in the Wyoming Library Community,” he said, “We’re excited at the possibilities as we move into the future.”

Brian Greene, WYLD Program Manager at the State Library, echoed Jamie’s thoughts. “The management team and everyone on staff will maintain services throughout this transition. We want everyone to know we’re here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of help.”

Jamie Markus may be reached at (307)777-5914 and

2 thoughts on “Markus Named Interim State Librarian

  1. Congratulations Jamie on your Interim Wyoming State Librarian appointment. Great to hear this!

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