Matching Gifts Can Boost Your Library Fundraising

Dec 3, 2015

From Big Duck blog

Nonprofits are increasingly using matching gifts to boost their fundraising efforts — a tactic to consider for your Library Friends or Foundation during the big end of the year push. Some types of matching gifts include:

  • The 1:1 match — a donor says he or she will match every gift raised, dollar for dollar, usually up to a certain amount or by a certain date.
  • The all or nothing matching gift — a donor commits to making a certain size gift to an organization ONLYif the same amount of money is raised by the organization in a designated time period.
  • The “take-action” match — a donor gives a set amount every time a supporter takes a certain action like taking a pledge, liking your Facebook page, or signing up for your email list.

Why are matching gifts so effective? Big Duck offers three reasons:

  • They’re a deal. — when you present a potential supporter with an opportunity to have their gift doubled or tripled, they feel that the impact of their gift is increased.
  • They’re motivating — when you tell your donors that you’re trying to raise a certain amount of money and the match will help you get there, it influences them to take action and join the effort.
  • They’re urgent. — they say to your donors that if you don’t give now, you might miss the special opportunity to have your gift doubled.

The Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge has provided a great example of the power of matching gifts. The State of Wyoming has matched one, two, or three dollars, depending on the county, for every dollar raised locally for endowments.

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