Missy Harris Named Director of Lincoln County Library System

May 3, 2023

portrait of Missy

Missy Harris

Missy Harris has been named as the new Director for Lincoln County Library System. Currently, Missy is the Assistant Director, and she’ll step into the directorship after Richard Landreth’s retirement this month. She brings a wealth of experience — she’s been with the library since May of 2001 after relocating to Kemmerer and applying for an administrative assistant position. Prior to coming to Wyoming, her background was in accounting, administration, and customer service.

“I’ve been learning about libraries and how they operate for over 20 years,” she said. “The opportunity to positively impact our communities is higher than ever. I want to ensure we continue to grow along the path laid out by our previous director, while adapting to the ever changing needs of our communities.”

Missy said the library system has been fortunate to have a supportive library board as well as county commissioners who have been committed to funding libraries. Under the direction of Richard Landreth, it’s grown tremendously in the past four years. She hopes to build on his work so that the Lincoln County Library System continues to be a cornerstone of local communities.

“Growing up in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, I was fortunate to have parents who introduced me to the library at a very young age,” Missy said. “The ability to see a world beyond my small corner and to dream about other possible lives helped shape my life. I never imagined that one day, I would be in a position to enable others to explore worlds through using the library and accessing all the resources available.”

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