Mometrix Can Help Kids and Adults Make the Grade

Mar 11, 2024

Tests and exams are part of life for so many of us at various ages and stages, whether they are part of a child’s education or a requirement for an adult’s career certification. The Wyoming State Library’s GoWYLD Resources include a tool to help anyone prepare for and feel confident going into a test or exam-Mometrix!

For students in grades K-12, Mometrix offers flashcards, study guides, and practice tests for various subject areas at every grade level. Language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies resources can help students in elementary, middle, or high school become familiar with the test’s format and give examples of what questions may be on their exam. Using these resources can be a great strategy for reducing your student’s test anxiety and making sure your student is truly able to show what they know. Older students can also benefit from materials to help them prepare for the ACT, SAT, AP exams, and more. There are also resources to help students who will be graduating soon apply for financial aid for higher education, select a career path, apply for scholarships, and apply for college or a job.

For adults seeking career certifications for their profession or trade, Mometrix offers test preparation flashcards, study guides, and practice tests for everything from business, nutrition, and counseling to construction, teaching, nursing, medicine, and medical technology. Mometrix also has resources that provide tips on writing or updating your resume, asking and answering questions in a job interview, and negotiating a job offer.

Mometrix also has an extensive eLibrary of short videos that explain specific concepts, such as absolute value in mathematics, organizational change management theories in business, and the diffraction of light waves in science.

Whether you’re a fifth-grader studying for a science test, a high schooler preparing for the ACT, or an adult trying to further your education or career, Mometrix can help you make the grade on your next test or exam or ace that college application or job interview. Check it out in the eLearning tab of GoWYLD today!

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