Natrona County Library Unveils New Outreach Vehicle

Aug 11, 2023

Woman standing in front of minivan

Natrona County Library Director Lisa Scroggins with the library’s new outreach vehicle.

The Natrona County Library is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a 2023 Chrysler Pacifica as the latest addition to its outreach vehicles. The purchase was made possible by two generous $25,000 grants – one from Casper Area Transportation Coalition (CATC) and another from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund. The Pacifica will be an additional outreach vehicle, as the Library owns a 10-year-old Toyota Sienna, and marks a significant milestone in enhancing the Library’s outreach capabilities and strengthening community engagement.

After the Library received the first $25,000 grant from CATC, they turned to the Natrona County Public Library Foundation to help fund the rest. The Library Foundation, which exists to support the goals, services, and programs of the Library through private fundraising, was able to secure a matching grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

The acquisition of this modern vehicle elevates the Library’s ability to extend its services beyond the Library’s physical walls and bring educational and cultural opportunities to various neighborhoods, schools, and community centers throughout the county.

“We are beyond excited to introduce the 2023 Chrysler Pacifica to our outreach fleet,” said Lisa Scroggins, the Library’s Executive Director. “This new addition allows us to meet our community members where they are, delivering our resources and programs right to local daycares, senior resident facilities, and community centers. We extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to CATC and the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund for their invaluable support in making this vision a reality.”

CATC’s support has played a pivotal role in elevating the Library’s outreach capabilities, ultimately benefiting the entire community. While no longer providing transportation services, CATC remains committed to using their remaining funds to help move people and resources around the community.

The $25,000 grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund showcases the Fund’s dedication to fostering cultural enrichment and educational initiatives throughout the state. This contribution enabled the Natrona County Library to secure the much-needed minivan, ensuring that the Library remains at the forefront of community connection and outreach.

Having only one outreach vehicle has limited the Library’s ability to schedule community outreach. This second vehicle means the Library will be able to send more staff into the county, taking Library services and programming to more locations and partners than ever before. It will serve as a vital resource, bridging the gap between the Library and the community, and providing access to invaluable resources and educational opportunities.

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