Natrona County meets Library Endowment Challenge goal

Another Wyoming public library has hit its fundraising goal for the Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge! Natrona County Public Library is officially at 100% of its $697,826 endowment fundraising goal, receiving its final payout of $25,772 on January 12, 2015. Natrona is the fourth library to receive the full funding available; Albany, Niobrara and Sheridan counties are the other three to hit that mark.

Current endowment fundraising status may be found at

Proposed legislation in the 2015 session could mean changes to the Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge. HB76, introduced by Rep. Tim Stubson of Casper, would allow libraries that have met their goals to access more endowment funds by partnering with libraries not yet at goal. The bill would also extend the deadline for the Challenge.

To follow the status of HB76, visit the 2015 bill information section of the Wyoming State Legislature’s website at

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