New Sensory Room at Casper College Library

Dec 13, 2021

Group of four students wearing face masks and seated in sensory room

Students in the new sensory room. (Click for larger image.)

In 2019, Casper College Goodstein Foundation Library received a $1000 Innovations Grant to create a Sensory Room in the library. They’re happy to announce the project, completed in collaboration with students from Casper College’s Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Club, OTA Program Director, Cassady Hoff MSOT, OTR/L, and Librarian, Beth Floyd, was recently finished and is ready for student and community use!

A little bit about the creation of the sensory library room: the OTA students looked at the individual and wanted to help create an academic environment that will help students gather their thoughts, regulate their emotions, and use their time wisely so they can have an optimal amount of academic success.

The intent was to create a safe room that will allow college students that have sensory sensitivities to regulate their emotions and needs in a college environment for academic success to complete their homework and study.

The OTA students spent time choosing the right location that would benefit the students that have the sensitivity needed as well as ensuring it would not disrupt other students in the library. The location was also chosen on the basis of easy access (ADA) and communication needs if needed. The room color, the desk setup, calming interventions, weighted blankets, noise canceling headphones, and lights were carefully selected to allow the college students to have their own choice of tools and equipment that would be beneficial to their own specific needs. This room is beneficial to help those that may have anxiety, attention deficit challenges, auditory challenges, or just high stress levels.

The room is available for student and community use by walk-ins and can be booked on the library’s website using the “Book A Study Room” link!

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