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Jan 12, 2024

CLiC Hosts 2024 Virtual Winter Workshop
The Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) will host their 2024 Virtual Winter workshop February 1 and 2. Workshop sessions will focus on practical information for rural and small libraries.

Wyoming Historical Society Requests Photos for 2025 Calendar
The Wyoming Historical Society is welcoming submissions from individuals, families, museums, newspapers, libraries, and other organizations of historic photos depicting families participating in activities around the state to be featured in their 2025 Calendar. Photos must be 5 x 7 inches and in landscape format, or be able to be cropped to that ratio. Physical photos or digital scans at 600dpi, including a short description of the people, location, and activity in the photo, must be received by February 1, 2024, for consideration by the committee. Contact the Wyoming Historical Society Executive Director, Aley Philp at, or call the WHS office at 307-322-3014, with questions.

Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution’s Braille Department Helps Inmates Become Braille Transcriptionists
The Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution’s Braille Department has a program for inmates to become certified in braille transcription and provides services to those in need of resources for people with visual impairments.  Since 2010, thirty-one inmates have participated in the program, twenty-one of whom have completed braille transcription certification. With two more inmates working on their certification requirements, the WMCI Braille Department continues to offer a wide variety of braille services, as well as educational opportunities for inmates.

Citizen Science Resources Available
The Citizen Science movement, also known as Community Science, is a trend supported in education and by government programs.  Libraries can promote their collections, as well as provide valuable resources to citizen scientists of all ages.

Common Sense Education Offers Free AI Literacy and Digital Citizenship Lessons and Resources
Generative AI is on many of our minds as well as in the news.  In response to this new technology, Common Sense Education has created an AI Literacy lesson collection to help those in education navigate this new world of artificial intelligence. Along with resources related to AI, Common Sense Education also offers digital citizenship video lessons to help students develop healthy digital habits, practice cyber safety, be mindful of their digital footprint, and think critically about online information.

Libraries Can Support Writing Readiness
Libraries can take steps to help children develop their writing readiness including incorporating hand-strength-building activities during storytime and having writing, coloring, and sculpting materials available for children to use.

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