Newspapers in Education Week

Mar 7, 2024

Newspaper in Education Week is celebrated annually during the first week of March; this year’s NIE Week is March 4-8.

Newspapers are such a valuable resource for readers of all ages to learn about current events in their city, county, state, nation, and world, as well as learn about important historical people, places, and events using the newspaper as a primary source. Did you know the Wyoming State Library’s Wyoming Newspaper database has 326,929 issues comprising 4,921,691 pages and 167,273 articles, and is fully searchable by title, date, tag, and location?

Celebrate Newspaper in Education Week by sharing the Wyoming Newspapers database with a student, educator, or other community member in your life. They can find out what happened 100 years ago on their birthday, about their favorite historical figure or event, or even what happened just today!

Spread the word about the Wyoming Newspaper database and Newspaper in Education Week and help students “read all about it”!

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