Online Conferences and Events in January

Jan 5, 2023

Illustration of computer monitor with "Online Conferences and Events" in textEach month we post upcoming free virtual conferences to our training calendar. Here are the offerings coming up for January.

Jan 21, 2023 (9-11 am)
Future Ready Librarians® January Summit (All4Ed/Future Ready Librarians)
Connection Development: Exploring Your Collaborations and Partnerships: The Future Ready Librarians® summit is a FREE, live, virtual, interactive, high-quality professional learning experience for librarians interested in learning, growing, and expanding their professional practice through collaboration and networking with like-minded colleagues from across the country. This interactive online event will help librarians ground their practice in the research-based Future Ready Librarians® Framework and define new ways in which they can lead, teach, and support learning in their schools.

Jan 27, 2023 (6-4 pm)
National NewsLitCamp®: Trust and Credibility (News Literacy Project)
The decline of the public’s trust in news media and major institutions has had a dramatic impact on civic life. As misinformation continues to spread online, and partisan divides in media trust widen, how we decide who to put our trust in and what to believe is critical to a functioning democracy. In a complex digital landscape where anyone can be an “expert,” the ability to identify signs of credibility is a vital skill. This special NewsLitCamp is a unique, virtual event designed to help educators teach students to evaluate news and information with a skeptical — not cynical — eye. This immersive day of professional learning will zero in on what it means for news to inform us credibly, how persuasion can and should be credible, and what it means for a source to be trustworthy.

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