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Jan 5, 2022

In addition to the live webinars in our training calendar, each month we try to pick some videos out there that you can watch “At Your Leisure.” These on-demand offerings caught our attention for January.

Open at Home: School Librarians as Instructional Leaders (EveryLibrary)
School librarians working from home can still serve as instructional leaders and pedagogical consultants within their faculty. We can bring our resources and technical expertise to bear on the problems that teachers, students, and parents are all facing. But be careful not to overwhelm! In these chaotic times, less is more and our ability to curate quality over quantity is a mark of our true value as school librarians.

Introduction to Web Accessibility (InfoPeople)
In this 90-minute webinar presented by Laura Solomon, you’ll gain an understanding of which guidelines are used to measure website accessibility in the United States, and how to begin to evaluate your own library’s site for potential issues. We’ll also discuss some common pitfalls and things to avoid.

Media Literacy for Adults: Media Landscape and Economics (Programming Librarian)
Our current media ecosystem is pretty messy. It is filled with a mix of both professionally produced and user-generated content that tends to get blended together on internet social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In this webinar, Michael Spikes of Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy will discuss how this mix of content leads to a “blurring of the lines” between various types of content making it difficult to tell what is trustworthy and what is not.

Conducting the Reference Interview: How to Ask Better Questions to Make Customers Happy (Colorado State Library)
Join us as we break down the reference interview process into simple steps and discuss solutions to common problems. Participants will leave with a 6-step tool kit to asking better questions so customers leave happy. This class is intended to give an introduction and basic overview of the reference interview. The class is aimed at front-line staff and librarians who want a refresher.

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