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Sep 6, 2022

In addition to the live webinars in our training calendar, each month we try to pick some videos out there that you can watch “At Your Leisure.” These on-demand offerings caught our attention for September.

Serving The Underserved: Tips For Serving The Homeless (Colorado State Library)
Sometimes, community services in rural areas don’t have resources to meet growing needs. As such, libraries become the primary service provider for those experiencing homelessness in the community. In an already busy library, how can you assist with food, safety, hygiene, and social needs? Is it even your role to do so? What about mental health, opiate addiction, disruptive behaviors, and policies? In this session, learn practical tips to serve people experiencing homelessness, avoid burnout, encourage community conversations, and link patrons to available resources. Learn from one Library Director’s mistakes and successes, and discuss your libraries’ unique challenges together.

Career Self-Care Sessions (Public Library Association)
First session: I Feel Like A Fraud: Managing Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace. How often do you catch yourself feeling like you are in ‘over your head’ at work? Imposter syndrome – the sense that you are inadequate for the task in front of you despite past proof of your ability – can wreak havoc on your career and keep you from taking on new challenges. Managing imposter syndrome requires being authentic with yourself and others, being willing to take calculated risks, and being able to ask for support from others. Second session: So You Didn’t Get the Job, Now What? In this presentation, we’ll learn about the importance of taking the time for self-care after a rejection, learn how to ask for a follow-up meeting with the hiring committee or Board, learn how to refocus and gain additional experiences that will further strengthen your resume, as well as how to work on your weaknesses. Additionally, we’ll learn tips on how to find a mentor or how to be a mentor, and how important that can be in this experience.

Standing Up for Intellectual Freedom Live Town Hall (Public Library Association)
As libraries continue confronting unprecedented attacks on the freedom to read, the Public Library Association (PLA) invited virtual conference attendees to participate in a virtual town hall to connect with colleagues. As those who have faced book banning attempts and related legislative efforts know, the experience is often isolating and stressful. During this free event, speakers participated in facilitated conversations that explored effective responses to the coordinated attempts at censorship currently sweeping the nation. A moderated chat followed, inviting attendees to pose questions and share insights based on personal experiences.

Back to School—How to Teach Copyright This Year (Copyright & Creativity)
C&C educators welcome you back to the 2022-2023 school year as we introduce our FREE K-12 resources for teaching copyright and fair use. See firsthand how they are used with students in the classroom and online.

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