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Jan 6, 2023

In addition to the live webinars in our training calendar, each month we try to pick some videos out there that you can watch “At Your Leisure.” These on-demand offerings caught our attention for January.

Gale Tools – Google Classroom Integration (Gale)
This tutorial shows you how to integrate materials from library resources directly into your Google Classroom site to share with students.

Promote Community Engagement and Challenge Prejudice with a Human Library (WebJunction)
The idea of circulating ‘human books’ first emerged in 2000, in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a way to help grow community understanding of the diversity of the human experience, locally and on a global level. The Human Library® model seeks to create safe spaces for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between human books and their readers. Join us to gain insights from a public and academic library using this innovative and impactful model to create meaningful community dialogue.

Graphic Novel Collection Development for School Libraries (LibraryPass)
Adding popular graphic novels and manga to your school library’s collection is a surefire way to drive circulation—but it can also bring scrutiny from parents and administrators who don’t believe they’re appropriate for young readers. Ensuring your collection development plan is up-to-date with your administration’s goals and objectives is a critical first step to garnering support for your efforts. In this webinar, our panel of experienced librarians discuss how to successfully integrate comics, graphic novels, and manga into your collection development plan, and offer insights on aligning your collection to support classroom instruction, while also meeting students’ varied reading needs and interests.

Receptive to Race: Normalizing the Discussion of Race with Children in Libraries (Colorado State Library)
Research shows that children notice race at a very young age, and often draw erroneous conclusions if no one speaks to them about it. With a focus on story time, programming, collection development and user services, we will discuss and model ways librarians can talk about race and racism in age appropriate ways with children.

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