Outreach Garden Blooms at Park County Library in Cody

Nov 5, 2022

Sign reads EXTENSION OUTREACH GARDEN with partner logos

Step outside the Park County Library in Cody, and you’ll be treated to an Outreach Garden and Storywalk, thanks to strong partnerships and a library willing to reach out for an opportunity to make the community better.

In the Spring of 2021, Bobbie Holder and Deb Kelly from UW Ag Extension and Cent$ible Nutrition presented an idea to the Park County Commissioners, which triggered Park County Library Director, Karen Horner, to reach out and connect. The idea was to create an Outreach Garden at the County Complex outside the library to be used for teaching and learning and of course the library enthusiastically supported and wanted to help make this idea happen.

Sunflowers behind fence in front of pond with sign that says "outreach garden"

The organizations worked together to secure funding to start the garden. With the hard work of Bobbie Holder, Deb Kelly, and volunteers the garden came to existence by August of 2021. This has secured a wonderful partnership of the UW Ag Extension and Park County Library.

Building on the creation of the Outreach Garden, a Storywalk was unveiled in October of 2021 that led from the library to the garaden. Kindness benches were installed in November of 2021 throughout the walking paths of the County Complex.

Line of people, mostly children, on walkway

October 2021 ribbon cutting for Storywalk

Summer 2022 saw the Outreach Garden used by other organizations and in full bloom. The Storywalk and Kindness benches highlighted the garden and pathways. One of the grizzly bear statues that was used for fundraising to create the Cody Library was placed at the end of the Storywalk, highlighting the wonderful outdoor space devoted to learning and growing.

Painted orange and yellow butterfly on sidewalk

Deb Kelly painted stencils in the outdoor children space.

Long green caterpillar painted on sidewalk outside building

Deb Kelly painted stencils in the outdoor children space.

Statue of grizzly bear among trees behind yellow park bench

The library’s grizzly bear at the end of the Storywalk.


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