Patents for all of Your Holiday Baking

Nov 15, 2023

With Autumn drawing to a close, it’s time to appreciate the upcoming holiday baking season. Like many people, during the winter months, we stock up on our favorite baked goods. No Thanksgiving table is bereft of a pie and Christmas cookies are a beloved tradition. This tradition is long lived and ever evolving. Today let’s look at three patents from days gone by that bring innovation to holiday staples.

patent drawing

The first invention, for a Filled Cooky Cutter, is from 1953. Invented by Wilma L. Lewis of Douglas, Wyoming. Within the application she made it clear that this patent was to be easy to use and clean. With this invention one could make apple pie cookies or any variation of a filled cookie. With this invention, you would not need to crimp and cut the edges of the dough separately.

patent drawing

Our second patent, from 1953, relates to another delectable baked good. Like the previous, Arthur A. Jacobson’s invention crimps edges. Yet, this Sheridan patent is for a Pie Trimmer and Crimper. Especially made to ensure an even edge, this scissor-like tool made pie making easier.


patent drawingThe last invention concentrates on solving a tricky baking problem. John M. Heuer’s 1960 invention solves a problem that occurs when baking angel food or chiffon cakes. Unlike traditional cakes, these cakes need to cool upside down. If this is not done, the texture and height of the cake collapse. Thus, Heuer’s Cake Cooling Support for Inverted Cake Pan was born. Sturdy and easily stored this invention saves cakes from an inevitable collapse.

This holiday season spare some time to think about the inventions we use to make our baked goods. From eggbeaters to the electric stand mixer, baking has always spurred on innovation. For more patents, kitchen related and otherwise, go to the Wyoming Inventors Collection. The collection contains full pdfs of every patent granted to a Wyoming resident.


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