Paw Patrol on the Road in Wyoming

Sep 26, 2019

High fives all around with the Paw Patrol at Johnson County Library.

Paw Patrol visiting Sweetwater County Library System.

Want a little more “pawsitivity” at your library? The State Library has Paw Patrol costumes available to Wyoming libraries. They’re great for programming, parties, community engagement, advocacy, fundraising, making new friends, and more! To borrow the Paw Patrol costumes, contact our main desk at (307) 777-6333.

The pups have been appearing around the state, including at the Sweetwater County Library System and the Johnson County Library. See the photos below, see what those library directors have to say, and contact us to get on the schedule and bring Paw Patrol to your library.

Sweetwater County Library System

Sweetwater County Library System held a Paw Patrol event at the Green River Library in January 2018 and one at the White Mountain Library in Rock Springs in April 2018. Both drew 300 or more attendees. The library partnered with the Rock Springs Fire Department for the White Mountain Library event.

“When we are forever trying to come up with the next big and amazing program to bring people to the library, this is too easy,” said Jason Grubb, Library Director.

“People come because they want to see the characters. Find a date, find some people to wear the costumes — we used volunteers — and promote the event.” Jason said organization and preparation are simple. He recommends a craft for people to do while waiting to see the characters and a brief safety message that the local fire department can provide.

Sweetwater County has also brought in Clifford, Give a Mouse a Cookie, and one of the Wild Things in addition to the Paw Patrol. “We order costumes frequently and do nothing more than advertise the event as ‘come out and meet them,’” Jason said. “Our community is extremely receptive to these type of events.”

Johnson County Library

Library Director Steve Rzasa said Johnson County Library had their visit with the Paw Patrol a while back and the kids had a blast! Cynthia Twing and Megan Herold donned the costumes.

Who’s behind the masks?

Why, it’s Megan Herold and Cynthia Twing!

Big hugs with the Paw Patrol.

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