Planning for a Staged Reopening

At some point in the future libraries will reopen to the public. Will you simply unlock the doors and operate like you’ve always done or will you start with a few services and add a few more back as the situation allows?

Just as you needed a plan for an orderly closure, a plan for how you will reopen will guide you through the process. If you are looking for a model you can adapt, you might look at this Staged Reopening Plan from the New Mexico State Library.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Wyoming State Library for assistance if you have questions about planning or policy issues.

2 thoughts on “Planning for a Staged Reopening

  1. Generally looks feasible, however in both WY & NM I’m sure there are rural/1 staff employee libraries which this could not cater to. Any thoughts on that scenario? I work in a rural interface (80 miles east of Seattle) library. 2 part-time employees, don’t work at the same time and once the doors reopen I’m expecting throngs of patrons- dreams of stampedes keep me awake at night!


    1. At this time, we know a lot of people are thinking about the challenges of reopening libraries of all sizes. We expect to see webinars and additional information come out in the next few weeks.

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