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Feb 8, 2021

Presidents Day is just around the corner. There are many places to find out about the presidents of the United States — resources for young kids, the older student doing research, or for the curious adult. And they’re all in! (Ok, not all, but it sure beats Google.)

Let’s start with research needs for elementary and middle school. SIRS Discoverer has created a topic called, U.S. Presidents and First Ladies. Here, students can click on a picture to get to biographical information, articles, and a timeline. There is also a link to find out more, which launches a search in the database. That search will include links to nonfiction e-books (in full text). The main page of Presidents and First Ladies can be sorted by “trending” or alphabetically, depending on the student’s needs.

For the older student, select Biography (Gale In Context), and go into Browse People. Use the drop-down menu to select American Presidents, American First Ladies, or American Vice Presidents. Results pages include multiple biographies, images, magazine articles, primary sources, and audio and video.

These databases are available in school, in your library, and from home. You may be asked for your library card number and pin to access remotely. Go to and select from the alphabetical list.

Spread the word about these resources with our promotional poster, ready to print or share by email or social media. If you need assistance with any resources, contact your local library or  contact Chris Van Burgh, Database Instruction Librarian, at

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