Laramie County Library Hosts Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

Apr 16, 2024

The Laramie County Library System (LCLS) hosted some very special guests from Colorado on March 28. The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (RMRP) presented an educational demonstration to the staff and patrons at the main LCLS library in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Watson, a golden eagle and RMRP Educational Ambassador

“It was really amazing to not only learn about the raptors, but to also get to see them up close,” said Janey Vanlandingham, a staff member of the LCLS. “It was also great to see the kids’ reactions, curiosity and interest in the program.”

The RMRP is an organization that specializes in the rehabilitation of birds of prey. Many of these hypercarnivorous birds are returned to the wild after receiving care and recovering from their injuries, but others become educational ambassadors and teach people about raptors, conservation, and the environment. Read more about RMRP’s work here. Three RMRP Educational Ambassadors accompanied the four RMFP volunteers, Anna Wellborn, Susan Baker, Maya Dite-Shepard, and Christine Chapman at the event. Educational Ambassadors included Watson, a golden eagle; Persephone, a turkey vulture; and Eowyn, a Swainson’s hawk.

Eowyn, a Swainson’s hawk and RMRP Educational Ambassador

“They told us why these birds were not able to be released into the wild and didn’t shy away from talking about the impacts that humans are having on these expert hunters,” said Abby Rowswell, the LCLS staff member who coordinated the raptor event, which took place during Laramie County School District Number One’s Spring Break. “They also didn’t shy away from telling us what each raptor was snacking on that day (mostly rat, but also some rabbit for Watson!)


Persephone, a turkey vulture and RMRP Educational Ambassador, spreads her wings during the raptor program

One RMRP Educational Ambassador offered an exceptional photo opportunity to the 160 LCLS patrons in the audience. “While the presenter was telling the audience it was ok to take pictures, the vulture chose that moment to open up her wings like she was posing…that vulture was ready for some glamour shots!” said Lauren Johnson, another LCLS staff member.

“We always love coming up to Wyoming and sharing about the work we do and the community of humans and raptors we are all part of,” said Jessica Miller, RMRP’s Education and Outreach Coordinator.

The LCLS hosts events for community members of all ages. Find more information about upcoming events here.


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