Recording of Webinar on Human Trafficking Prevention Now Available

Jan 26, 2024

Did you miss the Human Trafficking: Prevention for Libraries webinar on January 25?  The recording is now available here!

Human trafficking can happen anywhere and often goes unidentified because people don’t realize it is happening. Libraries are a unique and safe place full of resources for those in need, and it’s important for library professionals to know what to look for to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

This recording examines human trafficking prevention strategies within the context of libraries. Viewers will learn about human trafficking and exploitation, become familiar with what contributes to the risk of exploitation, identify red flags, and learn how to address exploitation before it starts.

The presentation is by Terri Markham, Executive Director of Uprising Wyoming, an organization based in Sheridan, WY, that empowers communities to shed light upon and stand up to the issues of human trafficking and exploitation through awareness, education, and outreach, with Paige Bredenkamp of the Wyoming State Library moderating.

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