Resources: Intellectual Freedom and the Internet

Adapted from a post on the Blue Skunk Blog.

ipad-907577_640By Doug Johnson

I’ve written for many years about how we need to pay more attention to intellectual freedom issues around the Internet. Banned books seem to somehow benefit from the label. Banned websites too often go simply inaccessible to kids. Access to both information and ideas and the ability to create and communicate information and ideas are important equity issues.

This year I was very pleased that NCTE reposted some writing of mine about how blocking social networking sites is a form of censorship and works as a means to disenfranchise the already disenfranchised. Please read:

Marginalizing the Marginalized with Internet Filtering, Literacy & NCTE blog, September 28, 2016.

While Internet filtering still does not get the scrutiny it deserves in too many schools (and we we give book censorship a whole week but web blocking only a day instead of a Blocked Bytes Week) I am happy knowing organizations and individuals are fighting the good fight.

Just for the record, here’s a list of other pieces I’ve written about Internet filtering:

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