Rock Rap for Summer Reading in Fremont County


L to R: Jenny Wintermote, Kirbie Despain, Sandi Hussa, Jordan Carr

After reading one of the library’s new books on rocks, Sandi Hussa, head of children’s services at Riverton Branch Library (part of Fremont County Library System), was inspired to create this “Rock Rap” as the library’s summer reading theme song.

Sandi and Jordan Carr, teen services, co-wrote the music, and Jordan did all the video production. Jenny Wintermote and Kirbie Despain, both in children’s services, sang and performed with Sandi. Jordan appears in the dog suite. Teri Wiblemo made their Rolling Stone magazine cover.

The video will premier the at the library on June 28. Sandi shared the band’s performance rider:

  • 1 bowl of blue M&Ms dark chocolate
  • 2 Lily’s salted almond and milk chocolate bars (because they are keto friendly)
  • 4 bottles of water at 72 degrees
  • Jordan requests that Emma Watson attend the show
  • Jenny wants Gerard Butler
  • Sandi is content with the library’s regulars
  • Kirbie doesn’t come in until 4:00
  • Because Jordan will be at large, he will need accommodations. He wants a first floor room so he can jump on the bed.

3 thoughts on “Rock Rap for Summer Reading in Fremont County

  1. Thank you Ms. Mark for the perfect article and coverage. Fremont County Library System is so lucky and proud to have such a dynamic and creative Youth Service Department. These women and dude truly rock.

    1. Thank you! But I can’t take much credit for it as you all gave me the great info. Jordan’s request for a bed to jump on was priceless! The video is great!

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