School Librarian Opening on GoWYLD Shared Purchases Committee

May 1, 2023

Get Out There and GoWYLD!The Shared Purchases Committee is looking for a School Librarian to fill an opening. Any School Librarian interested in representing K-12 interests for the GoWYLD platform is encouraged to submit a response.

The Shared Purchases Committee meets once a month (except for summers) to review databases for inclusion on GoWYLD. The committee is made up of librarians from around Wyoming and from different types of libraries. Because there are public and academic librarians on the committee it’s important to also have K-12 librarians. The recommendations put forth by this committee help determine what e-resources are available to Wyoming residents and students.

If you are interested in being on the Shared Purchases Committee, or have questions, reach out to Paige Bredenkamp at or (307) 777-6331, preferably by Friday, May 5.

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